Jul. 17th, 2007 06:50 pm
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well, being that i wasnt on at all to day, i was drawing in my art pad, hers some crappy webcam pics as there mostly still WIPs. most of them that is. Not f-locked its not actual scan in of the art. ^__^

as always, comments are welcome.

Rift jumpers Vallerie and Xavier. )
Rhys, Alexis, Gareth and Azzy[Azriel] )Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
poses bunnied off who knows where.

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Easter was good - See Ryans LJ for more details. >XD

School is borning, yet i ahve to go. gfot to pick up my grades before mum and dad lose patience with me and send me off to a boot camp or something like that.

that would so NOT be fun.

I like it in school. i have my groupies - Rickie, Anthony, Joshua and Kamilah - all ove whom ive fucked in the past and cheated on. >XD

and i have my current fuckbuddie, my red head. hes so cute and makes me wanna fuck him into the ground. but i might break him - im more ways than more. it sucks being a half sin atimes. but og well.

im doing ok in school - Anthony lets me cheat off him. so will most kids in my grade - its fun having my last name. Kimblee. hehe... a LOT of the kids are faerfull of it, must be something to with my mum bineg the Crimson alchemist or something. not that i really care. much.

other than school, im also grounded. that sucks ass, and i think that Avas starting to watch me closely again, what the hell is her probblem? its not like im going to dump 'lexis any time soon. yet. and im grounded, so i cant really GO anywhere.

bah, but then again, shes been thing a lot lattly. oh what ever, if its important, shes bring it up - if not, it'll go away fairly soon.

or so i hope. Shes WAY to young to be thinking about datting,. even if i was younger than her when i first lost my virgintly.

anyways, got to get off. Ryans bugging me to use thing thing, and i need the phone before he gets on to it again, i swear, all he does is yabber to Zac.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:14 pm
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Well, when i first got back to the Coven, Lana asked me to do some art for her, so here it is.

its just the rough under base, and i have to fix up a few things, but ill do that in opencanvas/GIMP work.

and my scanner sucks ass.
LadyLana69 and Eternal_Shadows. XD I snuck in as well. XD )

And heres some art that i showed Kiya this morning. >XD i am SO Evil at times.
Mmm... The guys in skirts - Rhys! stop posing! )
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Well, ive been a busy little Seme this arvo with drawing and all that.

but first, the RP track list. Songs in bold are the main ones. >___>
Tracklist )

now the art, its in no order, so.... XD

some are cross posted some arnt.
Art )[personal profile] schlachtfeld  .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[profile] tomoe_daeva  's Evelyn Archer - drawn Realisticly by me. I need to redo the face, but im too lazy right now, the nose and the eyes look wrong, more le the suited to a younger kid, not Evelyns age. -____-

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I was bunnied by [profile] tomoe_daeva for this.

the Red head is Alexis Giege. Half brother to rhys through Greed, though neither know it.

but yea, this was bunnied as Rhys has been messing around in AU worlds - while hes doing the same thing in his own. *sighs.* My muse is a horn dog that cant stay in his own world.

Alexis - Played by [personal profile] invidia1988
Rhys - played by me.
David -- belongs to [profile] tomoe_daeva.

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Muses... are ... slave drivers!

but XD at lest i got the pic that was doing for [ profile] tomoe_daeva done.

and XD i just saw her little comic that featured rhys in it and i was literally squeeing like an idoit over how CUTE he looked! and how OMG my Big Bad Seme is an UKE! >XD!!!!

yes... i think that i have found Rhys match for the bastard title of Semes. *Snerks* Dae's David Archer takes it. ^___^ and normally, Rhys and David are in totally different AU universes that arent even related. >XD the joy of Rifts and evil!Gates. *snerks some more.*

but yea, heres the pic.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

its set in the Briggs, right at the start of the RP. ^____^ Rhys has a habit of staring out of windows when he has no one to annoy/talk to/get sex from. >___>;;;; Rhys is a horn dog and i know who he gets it from - his father. >XD

you can find the pic on my Y!Gal as well. ,

and the commic by Daeva here

Pic dump.

Mar. 8th, 2007 04:07 pm
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well... after 7 hours... its time for the image dump of the day. ^____^

i have imaged of the first five Kimblee children, and some of Ryoko and Archer and two of Zolfia and Kimblee. and one of Sean and Calista together.

and Archer is so HARD to draw right. mine are so fucked up its not funny. and the same with my PC... GRRRR! ill upload the Archer and Ryoko pics later, when my PC is being nice to me.

and my scanner seems to think that its funny to sound like its constipated while scanning. * rolls eyes. * is not being funny at all. the noise makes me edgy. And hurts my ears.

But i am happy as well, as i did some realist drawings too. ^____^ XD

maybe tomorrow will in ficing and colouring, i might draw one of Eddie. XD or the three Ed's from 'a wolf's love' RP. XD doing the Flamel Edward will be a challenge that i am willing to tackle. and  im going to Dump the one of Ryan on Y!Gal.

and onto the pics.

Ryan )

Genvia )

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I am not a trouble maker!

Just because my mum is a gender confused shape shifter doesn't mean that I'm a trouble maker!

OOC: the twins know envy as there ' gender confused mother with really fast healing powers as well'. they don't know that he's a sin. or that his name is really Envy. only Ed knows that.


That ass Charlton! he bumped into my sister and never said sorry! he got what he deserved with the paint balls! He and his family are so stuck up! i bet prissy boy would cry if he was pushed down onto the ground and got his smug ass dirty!

if there is one thing that you do NOT do, is fuck with my family in any kind of way.


XDDDD the paint ball was fun. and yea, Charlton Archer is a pain in the arse, literally! he needs to be brought down a peg or two!

* goes to plan more Charlton torment.*


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