Mar. 8th, 2007

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Rule: Post the explanation of where your user name came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged post the explanation to your page.


My user name... well..

Breakdown of Broken_Envy:

Broken stems from the fact that i see myself as broken. Broken on on the wheel of judgement by others as i'm not 'good enough.'  Yes, i will admit that i have aspergers syndrome [a mental disorder] and a hearing loss in my right ear and i wear glass.

Wiki artical on Aspergers
What is Aspergers?
Info page with links on AS

Envy... lets just say that i envy a LOT of people that are normal and wish that i could be like them. that, and i didnt want to put Broken_Seme. Even if Seme is the Art name that i hope to take on one day. ^___^ that, and its also the start of SemeEdward,
My Y!gal Account

and I tag everyone on my F-list. Bar Dae as I got this from her.

Pic dump.

Mar. 8th, 2007 04:07 pm
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well... after 7 hours... its time for the image dump of the day. ^____^

i have imaged of the first five Kimblee children, and some of Ryoko and Archer and two of Zolfia and Kimblee. and one of Sean and Calista together.

and Archer is so HARD to draw right. mine are so fucked up its not funny. and the same with my PC... GRRRR! ill upload the Archer and Ryoko pics later, when my PC is being nice to me.

and my scanner seems to think that its funny to sound like its constipated while scanning. * rolls eyes. * is not being funny at all. the noise makes me edgy. And hurts my ears.

But i am happy as well, as i did some realist drawings too. ^____^ XD

maybe tomorrow will in ficing and colouring, i might draw one of Eddie. XD or the three Ed's from 'a wolf's love' RP. XD doing the Flamel Edward will be a challenge that i am willing to tackle. and  im going to Dump the one of Ryan on Y!Gal.

and onto the pics.

Ryan )

Genvia )

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Yay! after almost 3 hours of colouring and dodging Ryoko's attempts to sabotage the art, i bring you all...

part one of the image that i'm colouring. and there is an Icon to go with it it as well. please Credit me if you use it.

copy and paste as the image thing isnt playing nice. -___- when its playing nice ill fix it up.

This Image is a spoof that is set in mine and Invidia's RP world and there will be text that goes with it soon. Basically, its Frank and Zolfia meeting in secret. Not that it happened in RP cannon.

>> Not that it would have happen, Ryoko would kill Frank and Greed would maim what was left over of Frank. ^___^ though... this does make me wonder why Ryoko sticks by Archers side....

Ryoko: Simple. He knows the way to make me male again. thats the only reason. And he has my spark gloves!
Broken: Awww... you know that you love him. why else would you burn him for being with Zolfia or cheating on you?

Ryoko: As it's cheating, he married me, and umm... the sex is great. That is all.

Broken: XD You do to love him!

Ryoko: shut up before I burn you to a crisp! >___>;;; * glares to hide blush,*

and heres the Icon:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enjoy and please comment and Credit me if that Icon is used.


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