Mar. 23rd, 2007

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Muses... are ... slave drivers!

but XD at lest i got the pic that was doing for [ profile] tomoe_daeva done.

and XD i just saw her little comic that featured rhys in it and i was literally squeeing like an idoit over how CUTE he looked! and how OMG my Big Bad Seme is an UKE! >XD!!!!

yes... i think that i have found Rhys match for the bastard title of Semes. *Snerks* Dae's David Archer takes it. ^___^ and normally, Rhys and David are in totally different AU universes that arent even related. >XD the joy of Rifts and evil!Gates. *snerks some more.*

but yea, heres the pic.

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its set in the Briggs, right at the start of the RP. ^____^ Rhys has a habit of staring out of windows when he has no one to annoy/talk to/get sex from. >___>;;;; Rhys is a horn dog and i know who he gets it from - his father. >XD

you can find the pic on my Y!Gal as well. ,

and the commic by Daeva here
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Ok, this is Mine and [personal profile] invidia1988 's time line for our Sec Gen RP. There are some names in there that have yet to appear in the time line, but thats as there not yet needed. but almost every one that was in here now has been planed from almost the get go, give or take a week or so.

And -______- Roy really slept around with the diplomats.

1910 - Toby Lied born, Drachma.[First of three bastard children to male!Roy.]

1911 - Anatashan Da'Goth Born, Drachma.[second of three bastard children to male!Roy.]

1912 -

1913 -

1914 - Alexis Geige Born, Amestris, Dublith. [only Bastard child to greed. Mother is an Alchemist.]

1915 - Sebastian Nefis born, Creta. [third of three bastard children to male!Roy.] Ed sent through the gate for the last time into our world. Greed and Archer turn Kimblee and Roy into Zolfia and Ryoko via use of the philosophers stone. Zolfia falls pregnant.

1916 - Rhys Kimblee born Jun 23rd,Amestris, Central. Bianca Hawkeye-Havoc born, Amestris, East City.

1917 - gate dumps a now female and pregnant Envy onto Ed. Ryoko falls pregnant.

1918 -Zachary and Sean Elric born Jan 29th, England, London. Calista Archer born, Feb 10th, Amestris, Central. Ryan Kimblee born Nov 8th, Amestris, Central.

1919 -

1920 -Avaricia Kimblee born May 9th, Amestris, Central.

1921 -

1922 - Genvia Kimblee Born march 15th, Amestris, Central.

1923 - Alexandria Archer born Jun 7th, Amestris, South City. Raymond Gran born, Oct 27th,
Amestris, North City

1924 - Sep 12, Pride is killed by Archer in a duel, and Archer takes the title of Fuhrer.

1925 - Francis Archer Born April 9th, Amestris, West City. Elisa Hawkeye-Havoc Born, Amestris, Central. New years Eve, Rhys is beaten up by a six year old Calista for ' touching her bum' when he was pushing past her to get to the fire works. Archers and Kimblees meet for the first time since the children have been born. April, the Elrics are uprooted from Earth and sent back into Shamballa. Edward soon regains his title of Fullmetal and the rank of Col.

1926 -

1927 - Katlyn Kimblee born Sep 11th, Amestris, Central.

1928 -

1929 -

1930 -

1931 -

1932 -

1933 -

1934 -

1935 -

1936 - Avarice and Geiz Kimblee born Feb 14th, Amestris, Central. Zac and Sean start Central High. Zac meets Ryan, Ava and Rhys. Sean briefly meets Calista. Zac starts to date Ryan at the start of Feb. Envia chucks a fit that Zac is seeing one of Greeds sons, and Greed chucks a fit that Ryan is dating Envys Son. but they both allow it - due to spousal pressure that is. around the 20th, Charlton knocks over Avaricia and gets an instant crush. that same afternoon, his Father engages him to Bianca Hawkeye-Havoc. around the 27th, Sean starts to talk to Calista formally, and the start to slowly get to know each other. they take their first date three days later on March the 1st. Charlton and Bianca start to date as well. Ryoko is confirmed to be pregnant at 3months - just starting to show.


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