Mar. 2nd, 2007

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Now this is just a test to see if i can work out the cuts on LJ.

Please let that have worked.

now, how the hell do i post pics?

* emo'd again.*


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:41 am
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XD i hope that you like them. i still have to draw Alexandria and Francis { Frankie }. and then ill upload the finished Kimblees tomorrow. Greed is being a pain in the ass to draw and so is Avaricia, Katlyn and Rhys.
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Dates to remember

9 am on Tuesday... Jack to the Vets. 

jack is my tabby cat of about 12 years now. hes so cute and cuddly - even if he is a grouchy bum. i love my cat so much.

but hes starting to get old age related things wrong with him like kidney failure and so on. so every month - when i can afford it that is.
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I have attack of the plot bunnies for Arckim! * pulls hair*

And I have Greed and Ryoko looking at me like their going to kill me!

But I wanna write it anyways, XD! Though I have a to do list... that's long. * sulks.*

1. Draw Greed, Zolfia, Rhys, Ryan, Avaricia, Genvia, Katlyn, Baby Averice and Geiz. These are the Kimblees.

1a. Draw a family portrait.

2. Draw Calista, Charlton, Alexandria and Francis and their parents Ryoko - Fem!Roy - and Fuher Frank Archer. These are the Archers.

2a. Draw family portrait - With Frank, even if he is a pain in the ass to draw.

3. Draw Ed and Envy, and Zac and Sean. The Elrics.

3a. Draw family portrait.

4. Try and tame the Blot bunnies for a crossover between Dae and Cos RP and mine and Kiyas AU RP- even though the bunnies have worked out how it could possibly happen and who would go - from mine and Kiyas end that is. ;_; ... my Muses bully me.

5. Work on Fanart.

6. Start to Fic mine and Kiyas AU RP. That will be fun.

*sigh* I have a LOT of work a head of me.

and Kiya is [personal profile] invidia1988 
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I am not a trouble maker!

Just because my mum is a gender confused shape shifter doesn't mean that I'm a trouble maker!

OOC: the twins know envy as there ' gender confused mother with really fast healing powers as well'. they don't know that he's a sin. or that his name is really Envy. only Ed knows that.


That ass Charlton! he bumped into my sister and never said sorry! he got what he deserved with the paint balls! He and his family are so stuck up! i bet prissy boy would cry if he was pushed down onto the ground and got his smug ass dirty!

if there is one thing that you do NOT do, is fuck with my family in any kind of way.


XDDDD the paint ball was fun. and yea, Charlton Archer is a pain in the arse, literally! he needs to be brought down a peg or two!

* goes to plan more Charlton torment.*
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ok... Muses are rioting, the males are nose bleeding and i have bunnies.

LOTS of bunnies.

and i wonder if there's away to stop muses from looking at things that i don't want them to see. * sighs* i just wish my Zodii muses would get into gear again.

its been what - 7mths since i last had inspiration? thats not good on a writer,

its bad. well, for me at least.

But still... having muses rioting and spamming someone's board is NOT good.

I'll just have to keep them away as best i can. ;_;


Test entry.

Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:58 pm
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I hope that it worked.

bleh, its to small. but thats Calista Alathea Archer.


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