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Ok, so I made this up this morning - as soon Kiya and I will be starting to RP Naruto sec Gen. we just have to work out a few bugs and stuff.

So, uh, here it is.

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Well, the trip up to Bundy was great.

I had a sail on Spirit - thats Bob's boat. Shes only a small 12 footer, i think, but she handles like a dream in the water. yes, i even had a sail. And i know that I want to own my own boat one day. my heart and Soul belong to the Sea. her call is so powerful. but then again, considering that i have lived on a boat from the age of about 1 1/5 to the age of five and half, i think thats ok for me to want to be on the sea. oh and i have the photos to prove it as well - there currently at mums with all the baby photos though.

After the sail, mum and bob and I headed to the Kennels where Peter and May live. we dropped in and they were glad to see me. Petter made a lot of jokes that i didnt get, but thats ok as he never goes overboard - hes known me from when i was just a tiny, tiny baby.

then we came back home, had dinner,. watched We are they now at my insistance as there was a bit on Tracy and Darwin. Darwins my birth city, so i was curious. i know that i've heard the story a million times of how Tracy was not thought to be that bad ect ect, but i'm still curious. Tracy also brought up the topic of dreams.

now. i dont remember my dreams that often, nor do i wake up in cold sweet that often. but, the month preceding the Boxing Day Tsunami, i CLEARLY remember waking up almost ever morning in cold sweat, gasping for breath. two weeks before it happened, i started waking up crying, and mum was getting worried as this normally doesnt happen to me. then, the week, to the day, before the thing, i woke up screaming and crying and in a tangel of my sheets. mum says that i was clearly distraught and that i would not shut up about 'water, blood, fear, panic and screams. LOTS of blood in the water too. ' she and i just pasted it off as a shark attack dream, but t5hen a week latter, the tsunami hit and i was in a cold sweat seeing the images.

i was scared and both me and mum knew that i had drempt about it in some way.

then after that was the star wars thing, that sparked a long talk on good and evil that lead in values in life and some other things. but me and bob where right into it, talking and debating things and bob said that i was keeping up with the pace very well and not getting confused like i do at times. he said that i was getting clearer in my meanings as well and what not.

then it was Greys antmony time and i whent back to reading. then i was bed time and i did all the things before i go to bed that i have to - i'm getting better at it mum says. ^____^

todays morning was borning and lazy, and we left at two and got back at 6. mum reckoned in the car that there must have been a bush fire near by around Noosa or somewhere close to that as there was smoke on the road and all that. i think that she might have been right. have to cheak the paper in the morning.

i'm going up to bunderberg again for the last few days of the June - July holidays, so im looking forward to that. i might find my note pad that i left there this time - GRRRR!! and i had Eternitys book outline and chapter one ploted out as well - at long last as Bob said.

anyways, on fandom news -

I have naruto kidies finaly! after racking my brains for names for the them, i finally have them. ^____^ - i worked on them in the car ride home.

Ino / Shikimaru - Chizu and Hiroshi Nara. Identical twin males age 16 years old. Both are VERY smart, though Chizu is a show off.

Itachi / Fem! Kisame - Agisu, the smart, sarcastic one. aloft and thinks that EVERYthing is his. is an only child so is SPOILT rotten. is also the heir to the uchiha clan.

Naruto / Sakura / Sasuke - Naruto and Sakura spawn Asuji there only son. hes about age 15 and is kinda like Naruto. Sakura and Sasuke spawn two girls, Ami and Chiyo - there both smart asses and are aged 14 and 13.

Orochi and Fem!kabuto spawn only one male kid called Samara. hes a medic nin.

and we'll have Orochi and Saskuke spawn names when i get the chance to consult with Kiya on this.

now, im off to do a LOT of things.
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well... ive just about uploaded this everywhere else on the net... so im up loading it here.

Future Sasuke for [profile] tomoe_daeva  as she challenged me to do it. of course, i bounced right back and challenged her to do a starwars FMA thing. yep, im a dork and a geek. I have its not hard for her. ^___^;;; mmm... wonder if i can find any Star wars RPers that you agree to an FMA Star Wars crossover thing over LJ. ^___^

anyway,. heres the art.

now, on the side of IRL.... i am worried about my cat, jack. ive called the vets and such as as im fucking flat broke, dont have a car and having no money, the vets coming out to do a home visit, as its the sort iof thing that i need to get Jack to the vet as soon as i can. and i cant, so Paul is coming out to check up on Jack.

fuck, not eating, not peeing - that i have seen and yes, i do check to make sure that hes peepeeing regulary * is a responsible cat owner* and hes walking funny and his bowel area looks fucking weird.

my gut tells me that something is wrong with me. and i just wish that i had the money for a cab, and or a car to drive as i would get jack to the vet asap.

fuck, i cant draw, im restless, im worried and i need to seriously start to get all the rest of the chapters of naruto onto my PC before i move. shit,... i only have like a day or something to do it.

i just hope that my cat is going to be ok and that he doesn't have anything seriously wrong with him. i would...i cant lose my companion animal. my therapy cat. hes my best friend and if he was human, i know that i would be in a relation ship with him. but hes not human as hes just the closest friend that i have. my BEST friend.

shit, ive start to get all teary. i really need to think on the optimistic side of things.

but i cant help it, jack is a part of my life, he has been for the last 13 years.

oh yea, and to all that im rping with over LJ, ill poke you all soon for a few posts, then when im back online, ill poke you all again so that we can finish them. ^___^


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