Apr. 24th, 2007

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well... ive just about uploaded this everywhere else on the net... so im up loading it here.

Future Sasuke for [profile] tomoe_daeva  as she challenged me to do it. of course, i bounced right back and challenged her to do a starwars FMA thing. yep, im a dork and a geek. I have its not hard for her. ^___^;;; mmm... wonder if i can find any Star wars RPers that you agree to an FMA Star Wars crossover thing over LJ. ^___^

anyway,. heres the art.

now, on the side of IRL.... i am worried about my cat, jack. ive called the vets and such as as im fucking flat broke, dont have a car and having no money, the vets coming out to do a home visit, as its the sort iof thing that i need to get Jack to the vet as soon as i can. and i cant, so Paul is coming out to check up on Jack.

fuck, not eating, not peeing - that i have seen and yes, i do check to make sure that hes peepeeing regulary * is a responsible cat owner* and hes walking funny and his bowel area looks fucking weird.

my gut tells me that something is wrong with me. and i just wish that i had the money for a cab, and or a car to drive as i would get jack to the vet asap.

fuck, i cant draw, im restless, im worried and i need to seriously start to get all the rest of the chapters of naruto onto my PC before i move. shit,... i only have like a day or something to do it.

i just hope that my cat is going to be ok and that he doesn't have anything seriously wrong with him. i would...i cant lose my companion animal. my therapy cat. hes my best friend and if he was human, i know that i would be in a relation ship with him. but hes not human as hes just the closest friend that i have. my BEST friend.

shit, ive start to get all teary. i really need to think on the optimistic side of things.

but i cant help it, jack is a part of my life, he has been for the last 13 years.

oh yea, and to all that im rping with over LJ, ill poke you all soon for a few posts, then when im back online, ill poke you all again so that we can finish them. ^___^
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@____@ to my cat called Jack.

Dear Jack...

you are a worry.

another fight? bites on the neck that are infected? your temps down a bit. you have kidney problems and your 12 years old? @____@

well, you better get well in the next two days as i am keeping an eye on you. i dont wanna have to get you into the vet to get hospitalized and on drips and all that. that would seriously have me worried and fretting and we dont need that kind of stress. AND YOU BETTER START WEE-WEEING AND EATING MORE THAN A TINY BIT OF FOOD, YOU HEAR ME?

your my companion animal. my best friend. my cat. my owner [ or so you tend to think. ^_^]. im your human that you look after, you know when im sad and when im in need of cat attention and you listin to me. you help me cope with my Aspergers. your almost like a therapy animal - you are, but your not formally recognized as one.

i know... i know that one day ill wake up and your not going to be there, but... i just hope that its not for a few more years at least. hey, if you live to 19 years old, ill be VERY happy! :D

Sigh* i love you to bits Jack, but for a cat... your a WORRY!

stop making me worry, mate. or at least, can you go without having me freak out and panic and worry over for at LEAST another 3mths?

From your worried and stressing human,
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Stolen from Ividia

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle...

Are you Tame Or Wild?


Though you have a bit of freedom you rely on others to feed and take care of you the majority of the time. You enjoy being around others and aren't all that outgoing but still everyone seems to love you and enjoy your company. You spend a lot of time inside, sleeping or hanging out with others. Maybe it's time to establish a bit more independence hmmmm?

Take This Quiz!

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle...

What is YOUR true Personalty?

MY RESULT:Your your own person

Well not the way i hoped it would come out, i though you could be one of the other tipes, but your a special one! Your just about perfect, but not completll, you like being al types of thing, and you get stuck in where you actually what you want to be. You like to listen to what ever, and hang with diffrent kinds of people with diffrent personalty. You wish to be diffrent, but alike, and you don't really know where you stand. But it need to bulid up on you, cofidents is the key!

Take This Quiz!

Bleh is all i can say....
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MUCH thanks to my friend for helping me with 'Chris'.

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)


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