Jul. 15th, 2007

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Ok, so i was taking
that can be found here and i was listening to Deathstars Last Ammunition and play God. and it got me thing.

i really did. like on what it means to me. I know that im not the best, and i know that i aint perfect. i wanna play god at times, and i wanna be a killer at times. im lost and confused, and i cant settle for just one person. i dont know hy, i just cant.

i like someone, but only as a friend, and im going to tell her., i cant right now, as her nets down. and to tell her over KJ would be rude, i think. but i might end up having to. and i dont want to,. but.... *sighs*

my life is a mess right now - Covens dead at the moomet, and im lonely. add to the fact that Aya's just dumped a pair of Kimblee/Fem!Roy twins on me - and some other kids of hers - i have to draw them. *sighs* og well. it'll give me something to do over the weekend. ill sketch then out and all that. but still - what am i? the artist for all my freinds? fuck, i still have to fishe up that Katlyn and Ryan arts too. and draw or attemt to draw some porny of Edvness and g/k, k/r and a/r stuff. aand do a sasunarita three some pic. *sighs* andy one know any refs for that kind of stuff?

and then im up doing a bit of art in frount of the TV, and my cat decided that hes going to sit on me! not funny! oh well, i got a few ideas for arts from TV too, so im happy, just have to find the f'ing time to sketch then all.

monday ill upload all the sketches and let you guys vote on witch ones to colour, ok?

oh well, time to go find more memes to take. ^___^

i might do a mass Zodii cast meme sooner or latter. just have to find wher the fuck my sister stuck my note book now. ;___; and i still have to go and tag everything in my LJ - minus a few things and such.


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