May. 9th, 2007


May. 9th, 2007 01:51 pm
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i am not yet back, but at an internet cafe.

this just an update to let you all know that i hope to be back within the next two weeks - i hope its sojoner.

i already have a ALOT of art done  - mostly its of my own OCs, the Zodii cast.  youll be hearing a lot about them in the weeks following my return, ^_______^

i have become a Naruto fan girl - EEE@ Kiba/Shino - my OTP! <3333333 -  and Naru/saku/sasu - OT3 <333333333 -  are the best. Itachi and Kisame ate my Akatsuki OTP! and mmm... Kabuto and orchi... and ino/shiki... ^______^

and no, i will restis the urge to play genderswap on them all. ^___^

i have a naga itachi drawn and i nedd to find out what happens after chapter 145.  WAAA! i miss the net!

oh and i know that invidia1988 is going to maim me for telling it over this..

but its the only way - i freezz up other wize.

Kiya... im really, really soory.. but.. and i hate myself this. dont get me wrong, your a great person and all that... but... all i feel for you is lust... and i see you as a very dear friend of mine. 

im really, really sorry if i have hurt your feelings and belive me when i say this - i have wanted to tell you for a while, but i keep chickening out. 

so im telling you hear and if you want to maim me, then go head. do so. 

its what i desver for being a coward.

oh yes. and if you want, feel free to ask my muses anything that want! they will replay as soon as they can. LOL. 

* waves byebye glomping Chibi!Evelin, Chibi!Sean and Chibi!Ayrianna* and ther all story muses that i have had in my head for the last 6 - 7 years! 

PS: there is no spell check here,. WAAA!


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