Apr. 19th, 2007

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this is just to funny to pass up and not post here.

Archer Baking Cookies?! WTF???

Archer: I do NOT bake cookies or skip.
Broken: *still giggling like mad.* yes you would, just for a chance at war, or to be a war hero.
Archer:.... the Fem!Archers would do that, NOT me.
Broken: OI! no dragging the fem!Archers in to this!

Cross posted to varies places. ^___^
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^___^ I drew this like a week and a bit go and only now i find it to up-load. * is shot*

Anyway, this is Cassidy Damian Archer.

The Name game that was played with naming him. >__> Archer is PICKY on names. )

Hes the offspring of them in an AU Verse where Archer turned Ryoko into a chimera and then a lot of things happened, but eventually they got together and Ryoko bore Cassidy - so far the only child in that universe - as far as i know anyway.

Hes eventually going to find his way into the main RP and probably end up with someone around his own age, give or take a few years. most likely either Paige or Olivia. Maybe Cathy Hughes. not yet sure.

he technically is a male!Calista, then again not. if you want to here my logic behind that, your welcome to ask.

just keep any grabby muses away from him - even if he is bi and an uke. >__>

And heres Calista and Cassidy. >__> I wanna write a story of them together. as lovers. but i dont wanna be shot by Sean.

When you view Art work, it is polite to leave a few words in the comments box. it doesnt take that long to do so. so please leave a comment of some sort.
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How much are you worth?

Eh..... ?
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omfg what the fuck is wrong with ppl and why do they have to bash what they dont like?

and it was in a star wars site to - it bashed heavily one of the major things i am in love with in pairings..


yes, you herd me, i love incest in fandoms is between twins - bother sister, sister/brother, brother/brother. if its twins and they can be crossed... i like it. a lot. its a kink of mine that i will not ever give up.

its one of my kinks that nabs me big time.

i just dont get why ppl bash things like that, if its not your kink, then dont stick up a big fuss. OMFG those that do are drama queens to me and looking for attention. - i admit that i run around for attention, but i dont do it in the negative ways. and even if i dont get attention, im happy with spamming my LJ - after all, this MY LJ and i put what i want in here. and if i get comments, then im happy. if not, oh welll. ill still keep posting on LJ. ^__^ My LJ is not a democracy - though i do give the illusion that its one. In the end, ifs my LJ and if you dont like what i post, rant about then thers always the defriend option.

i dont like Ed/Alphonse, but i do like Ed/heindrich. i just dont openly advertise what i like in the so called taboo stuff as i get BASHED and told that im sick and wrong and all that.

i like what i like, and if you dont like it then move on, as i do bite when im majorly provoked. and i hate to make a fuss, but if push comes to shove, then i push back. hard.

though feel free to ask me what i like and what i dont. ^___^ i dont bite unless you bite first, thats my rule. im a fair person, though i have my limits.

remember, treat me with respect and ill treat you the same.

and if you dont like something, then dont bash it - you just look like s silly 12 year old.
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Just some art of Avaricia that took me most of the day todo. im off to tackle that candid shot of Charlton. >XD and then i have to draw Roy as Sailor Mars. ^____^

Charlton: NO! you'll ruin the Archer name!
Cassidy: ohh... i wanna see. * follows the muse-owner*

Avaricia Rae Kimblee. )[personal profile] invidia1988 does.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know why im doing right. ^___^. thank you.


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