Jul. 17th, 2007 06:50 pm
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well, being that i wasnt on at all to day, i was drawing in my art pad, hers some crappy webcam pics as there mostly still WIPs. most of them that is. Not f-locked its not actual scan in of the art. ^__^

as always, comments are welcome.

Rift jumpers Vallerie and Xavier. )
Rhys, Alexis, Gareth and Azzy[Azriel] )Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
poses bunnied off who knows where.

Fic thing

Jun. 7th, 2007 12:33 pm
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Ok, i'm sure that i've posted this before... but.... here's a bit of Silver's Past. 

All comments and Crits are welcome.

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IRL stuff )

But first here’s something that I thought that I would share with you all. its just my thouts on what it means to have Aspergers syndrome and to live with it. Im sorry it it doesn’t make much sense, as this how I think.

Oh, and its all hand written stuff as well. So, sorry if you cant read my writing that well.

And on a parting note, I will try and be back tomorow with thongs that i have found in my boxes that i have been unpacking this week. no promises though,

And heres two arts that my sister asked me to draw, seeing as I took her image from when she was 10 and turned into Jasperis.
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Work training induction thingy is DONE!

im going to work in the long life area as a Night filler. gods, im so happy! the work is easy and the time goes by like a flash. and i like it too, so thats a big plus.

its going to be so fun. and im going to work at the Stafford Woolworths too, so its a close walk to work - though i have to get a cab home as im not walking home at like 11-12 pm at night. no way.

aside from that, im starting to work on my novel, 'Zodii' again and so i might be posting snippets of scence up for a few days before they go on privet lock. though they will probably end up being AU scenes to what goes into the actual list things, and that reminds me,. i need to delete and entry and redo it all. maybe though, not sure on that.

and i need to get those 50 or so art works that have backed up coloured, god, im going to be spamming with art soon.

i'll start on the Kitsunes that i drew and then work my way up.

bleh, i'll try and get three art works down a week, though that will be pushing it. so that means, that i will have to cute down on my MSN time. ;___;

but it'll be for a few weeks only, but it all depends on how long it takes me to work through the back log of art.

though my own OCs of Zodii will be starting to take priority as i start to move the story forward and get it moving again. i have a massive back story, a massive plot and OCs that wont work with me.

that and i need to start downloading new music too. i need to get songs from my novel up and running and make play lists for them. uggf... that means that i have to go searching for love songs and sad songs and screaming songs and what not. and start to download songs that my f-list listen to. ^____^


i have to much to do.

I need more time.
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Ok, so I was looking though the [profile] 20_inkspots themes, and number fifteen from the Magic and Occult theme set bunnied me for my own OCs, Akira and Elysian. And so this fic was born as I listened to two of their songs -- The Last Night and Will you be there? - both by Skillet.


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