Jul. 13th, 2007 02:50 am
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Well... seeing as im bunnied for stuff - fics and art over on Y!gallery and here, heres a lifst of what ive got to do. ^____^

Things Y!gallerys 100 list.

20_inkspots's Magic and the Occult Themes
Underlined is WIP for me.
The 20.  )
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I have attack of the plot bunnies for Arckim! * pulls hair*

And I have Greed and Ryoko looking at me like their going to kill me!

But I wanna write it anyways, XD! Though I have a to do list... that's long. * sulks.*

1. Draw Greed, Zolfia, Rhys, Ryan, Avaricia, Genvia, Katlyn, Baby Averice and Geiz. These are the Kimblees.

1a. Draw a family portrait.

2. Draw Calista, Charlton, Alexandria and Francis and their parents Ryoko - Fem!Roy - and Fuher Frank Archer. These are the Archers.

2a. Draw family portrait - With Frank, even if he is a pain in the ass to draw.

3. Draw Ed and Envy, and Zac and Sean. The Elrics.

3a. Draw family portrait.

4. Try and tame the Blot bunnies for a crossover between Dae and Cos RP and mine and Kiyas AU RP- even though the bunnies have worked out how it could possibly happen and who would go - from mine and Kiyas end that is. ;_; ... my Muses bully me.

5. Work on Fanart.

6. Start to Fic mine and Kiyas AU RP. That will be fun.

*sigh* I have a LOT of work a head of me.

and Kiya is [personal profile] invidia1988 
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Yet another thing that i have to do. -____-

I need to fic to this play list by skillet to my novel stuffs. mmm... Evelin and Paige are going to be cute to write at last. YURI!

Skillet Album - Comatose

01. Rebirthing
02. The Last Night
03. Yours To Hold
04. Better Than Drugs
05. Comatose
06. The Older I Get
07. Those Nights
08. Falling Inside The Black
09. Say Goodbye
10. Whispers In The Dark
11. Looking For Angels


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