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Easter was good - See Ryans LJ for more details. >XD

School is borning, yet i ahve to go. gfot to pick up my grades before mum and dad lose patience with me and send me off to a boot camp or something like that.

that would so NOT be fun.

I like it in school. i have my groupies - Rickie, Anthony, Joshua and Kamilah - all ove whom ive fucked in the past and cheated on. >XD

and i have my current fuckbuddie, my red head. hes so cute and makes me wanna fuck him into the ground. but i might break him - im more ways than more. it sucks being a half sin atimes. but og well.

im doing ok in school - Anthony lets me cheat off him. so will most kids in my grade - its fun having my last name. Kimblee. hehe... a LOT of the kids are faerfull of it, must be something to with my mum bineg the Crimson alchemist or something. not that i really care. much.

other than school, im also grounded. that sucks ass, and i think that Avas starting to watch me closely again, what the hell is her probblem? its not like im going to dump 'lexis any time soon. yet. and im grounded, so i cant really GO anywhere.

bah, but then again, shes been thing a lot lattly. oh what ever, if its important, shes bring it up - if not, it'll go away fairly soon.

or so i hope. Shes WAY to young to be thinking about datting,. even if i was younger than her when i first lost my virgintly.

anyways, got to get off. Ryans bugging me to use thing thing, and i need the phone before he gets on to it again, i swear, all he does is yabber to Zac.
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Well, to say that Easter when smoothly would be an understatement, as it did not.

All was fine in the morning. I rose from my slumber and dressed - in my riding outfit of course. I did my hair up in a nice bun - not to sloppy and not to to tight. I was dressing to impress as always. I have to - I am an Archer - the first born Archer, even if I am not a male. Superficial or not, I am who I am - an Archer by blood.

Once we arrived at the Hakura Club, we were met by the Hawkeye-Havocs. Little Elisa took an instant liking to Francis, who was rather quite shy around her. My poor brother. But I suppose that it is only natural as he is still in an all male privet elementary school.

Charlton, I believe, is not that keen on Bianca, but they are starting to warm up to each other. That is good, even if if was arranged by father. but I do suppose that he only desires the best for Charlton. After all, my brother is the first born male.

We went for a horse ride, and, surprisingly enough, Francis stayed on his horse. Father and mother were both so pleased about that, as was Charlton, though I believe that he was more impressed with Biancas' riding skills.

After the riding, we headed into the club for lunch. Lunch was nice. It was a roast meat of some kind, provided by the Halaway Family, the clubs finest hunters. I enjoyed it, and mother and Mrs Hawkeye-Havoc chatted away, much to Fathers embarrassment at times, and Mr Hawkeye-Havocs.

After lunch, Bianca, Charlton and I mingled. Being the Fuhrers daughter has its perks and its drawbacks. Lisandre, the Eldest of the Comache siblings at 24, attempted to sweet talk me again. I politely pointed out that i am not interested, thank you. I quite like another person. he asked me who, and I told him that it was not his business. Then nerve of him, my love life is not for open talk. and I know that if his youngest sister, Rhianna ever got hold of who I like, I would find myself in a VERY difficult situation. That woman is such a gossip.

I introduced Bianca to Paige and Mathias and their father Bartholomew Halaway. Mr Halaway is one of father’s generals. One of the only ones that I like as a person. Matthias is nice as well, but he is enamored with Ducia Cristenburge, a woman from North City.

I left Charlton and Bianca to talk with the trios and I mingled some more. Until one of the Southern guests, Abigail Samir, insulted my hair. My hair of all things. She called it a birds nest. the nerve of her! i spent at least 40 minutes doing it to make it look perfect thank you very much. Did she know who my father was? No, and she did not care even when I told her my name. She is spoilt, but she is the daughter of the famous Southern model, Mrs Lust Samir. So, I shall not waste my breath on a half-ishballan girl. Oh, I know that she is ishabllan blooded, her eyes are red and they are not the red of a Grans eyes. Now, if that was the end of my worries, I would be happy. But it is not.

Alexandria was in tears by the time that we left. Apparently she had a run in with that Gran heir, Raymond. He is vile and rude and very much arrogant. I am glad that I am not related to him. He is also prejudiced, much like his father and grandfather, the late Brasque Gran. Such a nasty boy. Apparently, what he did was insult not only Alexandria’s name and her style of dress and hair, but herself as well.

Mother told Alexandria not to worry, that there well be people like that. Father was very much furious and there was a stern warning sent to the Grans to keep their son away from his daughter.

I swear that I saw Raymond smirking as we left, but It could have been that he had reduced Alexandria to tears.

After Easter, it was back to school. I am starting to open up more around others and lose my Ice Queen mask to achieve more with my classes, though I do so hate cooking, but, it shall help me in the future as i am told, so I shall suffer it,

I have started too sit with Sean at times, and he with me. Though I fear that he feels outcasted amongst my own social group. Most of who are only friends me with because of my fathers status. And when I sit with him, I do feel outcast at times. I was raised to be a proper lady, so it is hard to fit in, but I do do my best. Sean doesn’t seem to mind though. I do not know why.

I have also been on three dates with him though it hard to at times. I must sneak out of the house from time to time. I - I am enjoying myself with him, so I suppose that is good. It - it is also nice to be seen for myself and not as a way to get close to my father or gather favour with him. I have also started to wear my hair down more - in a sorts. I believe that Sean likes it like this, so - I shall leave it.

There have also been rumors of war, but I am not sure, Father does not say much about it. I believe that he does not wish to upset mother, who is three or four months with child. Father is very happy, though it did come as a shock.

I do hope that is a little sister.

And now I must go. I do have homework to attend to.

~~~ Calista Alathea Archer.


Jul. 10th, 2007 02:50 pm
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ive passed my first unit of school work with flying colours,. all competent. thats good. means that i can move onto the next unit. ^___^

i did a bit of colouring today - not much, Thursday and Friday will be my main coloring days - i hope to get all the art that i drew on the bus up to Bundy colored by this weekend, even if means pulling a few all nighters.

i drew Kiyas Hakuro kids to day - and their personality's are starting to suggest themselves strongly in the pics. but ill talk to kiya and see what she thinks - it may change or may not.

I did a pic of Alex and Raymonds kids and its over on my dA account. the males are up on my y!gallery account. Im starting to think that along with Tristan hitting on Az, Caesar will as well. not yet sure on that one. ill do an art post latter on tonight with whats been don so far. and soon ill be starting to post imaged onto other places as well, so stay tuned for where all thats going. ^___^

i dont know if ill be on at all tomorrow - but Kiya, we have to finish the fourth of july RP bits.

ive updated [profile] zachary_elric's LJ for Easter and up to the fourth of july, im working on Calista and Rhys LJ entry's as well.  once thats all done, then ill bugg Kiya about updating Ryans LJ.

this weekend i plan to be very busy with my art - i hope to get the family pics of all the current guys done. i have my model that i drew, so ill just use that for most of them. ^____^

i also got to talking with another person on AIM and LOL! she got started on her sec gen stuff BEFORE That group even conceived of it. >XD well, the planing stages for the fic that shes writing over on

but meh, im going off line for a bit. jobs to do and what not.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:14 pm
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Well, when i first got back to the Coven, Lana asked me to do some art for her, so here it is.

its just the rough under base, and i have to fix up a few things, but ill do that in opencanvas/GIMP work.

and my scanner sucks ass.
LadyLana69 and Eternal_Shadows. XD I snuck in as well. XD )

And heres some art that i showed Kiya this morning. >XD i am SO Evil at times.
Mmm... The guys in skirts - Rhys! stop posing! )
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Well, today was intresting.

said from it being very cold.

i had to go into Brookside this morening to go to Centerlink there to get a new consesion card - i lost my other one, and while i was waiting, ther was a freaking poweroutage, i stood there dumply untill i was told that i had to come back when the power was back on. two hours away.

so i whent into brookside and got a hot drink and dooled in my not book a bit.

this is what i drew.
Juan.. )

Sabriel )

Random heads. )
Archer boys head.  )
Adult Sean and Zachary. )

She is a singer. )

then, after i drew those, i headed back Centerlink and got my card. then i got the milk and then i got home on the bus.

Ok, off to finish getting stuff ready. Ugg,,, time lines to do with all the main Hunter group as well. uggies.
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Ok, so I made this up this morning - as soon Kiya and I will be starting to RP Naruto sec Gen. we just have to work out a few bugs and stuff.

So, uh, here it is.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Im sorry that this all under one cut, but im pressed for time, so here it is.  I promise that ill come back and edit it when im next online. 

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Ok, this for Kiya to go thru while i upload over 190 images to photobucket and then ill post the reply to forchan.

the Kiddies.
Abigail Samir
Alexandria Archer
Alexis Geige
Avarice Kimblee
Avaricia Kimblee
Bianca Hawkeye - Havoc
Calista Archer
Carmen Elric
Charlton Archer
Elisa Hawkeye-Havoc
Francis Nikolas Archer - one alteration Nicholas.
Geiz Kimblee
Genvia Kimblee
Holliandria Yuiko Archer - Kalani Rei Archer
Katlyn Kimblee
Myrle Samir
Rhys Kimblee
Ryan Kimblee
Sean Elric
Zachary Elric


Second group of kiddies

Azriel Geige
Beatrice Archer -Reiko Archer - beautiful and polite child. you would think that any Archer would be brought up well.
Chiron Gran
Claratrix Archer - Adira Archer - meaning noble and powerful ( rather fitting for an Archer ne?)
Duncan Gran - Ceasar Gran - only fitting for Gran's children right?
Gareth Kimblee
Hillarie Gran - Katsumi Gran - Victorious beauty
Olivia Elric
Paige Elric - Kei Elric - meaning Respectful
Ruby Gran
Sabriel Archer
Sofia Kimblee
Tristan Elric
Zohro Archer - Killian Archer. meaning little warrior

Rift jumpers
Brandon Hakuro - Xavier Hakuro
Cassidy Damian Archer
Daniel Ross Brosh
Jaden Mustang - Vincent Mustang
Leonidas Archer
Leonitus Archer
Richard Archer - Andrew Archer - name means warrior why not?
Richard Kimblee - Huo Kimblee - means fire.
Sarah Valarie Brosh
Vanessa Freya Hakuro

The others in no real order

Claudia Hakuro
Charlie Archer

Kallista Brosh

Jeshika Marie Archer
Jareth Archer

Leopold Royce Archer – no change
Susanna tiffany Archer – no change
Ryan Franklin Archer - not change

Two Falman/Fem!Barry[barreta?] the chopper sons – thinking Robet and Anthony

A male Fuery/fem!Breda.[Haya?]
Emma fuery

Pyralis Armstong – it means fire in greek according to my naming book.

Danny Falman

Bejing – ling grand kid
Mei-lin – his wife
Two older sons
Ren Shan – ripped from my novel.
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All right...

are you ready to have your brain imploded as i try and explain how half sins came about?

Known half sins: the Kimblee Brood [Rhys, Ryan, Ava, Genvia, Katlyn, Avarice, Geiz], The Eric twins [Zac and Sean], Scar and Lusts two [Abigail and Myrle].

basically, to create a half sin, it all comes down to the leave of power that the alchemist has. the more poweer that an alchemist has. high powered Alchemists like Roy, Scar and Kimblee, if they breed with a Sin of the opposite sex, then they will have a child or children that are half sin.

of course, you get the weaker alchemist too, like Alexis Mother. she can bear sin childs as well, but the are more human than sin and Alexis is almost all human, bar about 30% give or take.

Edwards case is SLIGHTLY harder, seeing as hes seen the gate. technically, he can only lay with lust or sloth if he wants to create sin kids that are almost ALL sin. but no, he didnt.

so i bet your wondering HOW zac and Sean came to be.

well, its called the Gate. the gate too Envy, switched his gender to female and then took some of Edwards DNA and Envys DNA, mixed them into two gate babies. then it made them into embryos, stuck then into the now female Envys woman and speed it up so that Envia was 4mths along. then Envia was dumped on Edward.

but wait, isnt Kimblee a MALE?

yes, but you see. Greed got his hands on a few philosophers stones and then turned Kimblee into a female. Greed knew instinctually that to have any high chance of passing his genes on, that he would need a high powered alchemist, like Kimblee. so Kimblee was turned into a female. you can find it here, right at the start of the second Gen RP.

any questions, just ask in a comment, ditto if you dont understand any of it.
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EDIT: TABLES FIXED UP!  thanks to Invidia for pointing it out to me.  * shamelessly ripped the tabled from elsewhere on LJ as she sucks at tables* m(__)m

OK, so im a dork and i re-did things, cleaning them up and what not. ^___^ so shoot me.

First up,. whos plays who and whos the girl. ^____^

Now the third gen table. @___@ i hate tables.

and now... my grand Master pice - the Timeline form 1910 to 1966 - minus the Rift jumps and what not. may contain spiloers and doesnt tell when what pairings happen. THAT will be in another freaking timeline. my fingers hurts.

And last but not lest, what tracklist we have for the RP. we are still working on this so only those that have songs are shown. ^___^

ok, any and all constructive criticisms are welcome on this. ^___^
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i have to much to do today to be online at all. WWAAAA!

i have something like three art works to push out, and i need to fixup the family tree and timelines - work out when Ryokos miscarriage takes pace, when They appear, when frankies attempted assassination takes place, when the Cretan war starts/ends, when the drachman war starts, when all thrid gen are born, when Cassidy and some of the others get dragged into the main RP and whos breding and what not to make the fourth gen. >___<!

and that reminds me! an event that triggers the miscarriage in Ryoko might not happen as we need another Roy RPer perfeably with a frank attached to RP over LJ, though it doesnt really mater of its someone else. [profile] mercy_slays was Rping with us, but shes gone and dissapeared on us. and i had something worked out along the lines that thers a small rip coused by Zac that brings a fem!Roy/male!Roy and an Archer - or someone one else from the other Roys world - to there world and things happen and the resulting end of the mess is the trigger to Ryokos miscarriage a few days latter. *sighs*

but by the looks of it now, im going to have to think up another trigger - HIGHLY annoying really. but if you can help, PLEASE let me know. you will be credited in the main RP and the RP over LJ and Art will be come forth.

but i will be online to night for MASSIVE RPing with the Archers/Hawkeye-Havocs and maybe a bit of Calista / Abigail interaction - and if we get time, to the Kimblee and Elrics easter thing and updating Zac and Ryans LJ journals. i just need to knuckle down and get all this stuff done! i know that its going to give me a fucking heachache and migraine, but i need to NOT think all over the place.

that, and my novel muses are starting to bit and i need to spend time with Jack.

im slightly worried about him - but untill i get money, i cant take him to the vets for his check up. ;_____; my cat is old and im fretting over him.

but it was so cute last night, he was nose to nose with my darth vader toy and then he curled up next to to Ze Box and had a paw on my 'a new hope' DVD Case.

any way, im heading off.

stuffs to do, games to play and other things, weee... im planing something in the sims, but i wont tell you yet! MHAHAHAHAH!!!
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Candid shot of Charlton IN FULL COLOUR!

Charlton: I.. I am an Archer! Not… not a Whore! *Splutters*
Frank Archer : No comment.
Ryoko Archer: *faints*

Rhys: Can I fuck him? *lewd perverse grin
Alexis: RHYS!
Rhys: Don’t worry, ill bring you in on the sex as well. XD
Alexis: ;___; but I just want sex with you..

Bianca: … Charlton… put your clothing back on.
Charlton: yes Bianca.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know what im doing right. ^___^. thank you.
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Just some art of Avaricia that took me most of the day todo. im off to tackle that candid shot of Charlton. >XD and then i have to draw Roy as Sailor Mars. ^____^

Charlton: NO! you'll ruin the Archer name!
Cassidy: ohh... i wanna see. * follows the muse-owner*

Avaricia Rae Kimblee. )[personal profile] invidia1988 does.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know why im doing right. ^___^. thank you.
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^___^ I drew this like a week and a bit go and only now i find it to up-load. * is shot*

Anyway, this is Cassidy Damian Archer.

The Name game that was played with naming him. >__> Archer is PICKY on names. )

Hes the offspring of them in an AU Verse where Archer turned Ryoko into a chimera and then a lot of things happened, but eventually they got together and Ryoko bore Cassidy - so far the only child in that universe - as far as i know anyway.

Hes eventually going to find his way into the main RP and probably end up with someone around his own age, give or take a few years. most likely either Paige or Olivia. Maybe Cathy Hughes. not yet sure.

he technically is a male!Calista, then again not. if you want to here my logic behind that, your welcome to ask.

just keep any grabby muses away from him - even if he is bi and an uke. >__>

And heres Calista and Cassidy. >__> I wanna write a story of them together. as lovers. but i dont wanna be shot by Sean.

When you view Art work, it is polite to leave a few words in the comments box. it doesnt take that long to do so. so please leave a comment of some sort.
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finally all the sec gen logs are up-to-date and the can be found here on [profile] brokens_rp_logs - just follow the links.

now, im off to dress hunt as the RP girls. and bug Invidia for RPings.

OH! and heres a challenge to all you artists on my f-list - Draw me something/someone from the RP and ill draw you something in return - that you pick. Fair trade, is it not?



and again, if you read these, do please leave a comment or such at the end.

now, im off to bug Invidia and Dress hunt as Calista and Ryoko - oh and the military ball of the RP MAY be held over my Live journal depends if anything important is happening around that same time in the RP.

ok, off to redraw that sasuke pic as a penciled version - my ink pens hate me. Dress hunt and RPings.


Apr. 17th, 2007 02:52 pm
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RP Stuffs.

Sec Gen - Charlton )
I know, I know that i said i wouldnt post ant shots up of the Third Gen up yet, but... I just HAD to. >__>

Third Gen Head Shots.  )

The Main Guys of the Sec Gen RP )

FMA Stuffs

Archer and Kimblee )

say WHAT?!??!! )

And if you view, it would be nice to leave a few words about what you liked or tips for improvement in a comment - no pressure to though.
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This is just too funny not share. ^____^

the Log format with the cut out porn will be up on Brokens_Rp_Logs in one or twos days.


Apr. 16th, 2007 12:11 pm
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RP Stuff.
 I made the word form of the family tree easier to understand.

-     offspring off
--    marrige
---   union of somekind
+     comes with


Data for my upcoming project on Y!Gal. -- i need to finish drawing the mug shots of all the guys too.


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Because im in such a good mood, im sharing whats been put up so far of mine and Invida1988's RP logs of our Sec Gen so far - whats been cleaned up and OOC stuff taken out - theres about 10 more till we're caught up with them all up then we start RPing it again.. ^____^ they're all linked to [profile] brokens_rp_logs  - my Log LJ. Oh, and the flashbacks happen when ever we feel the need to go back and RP the past a bit. ^____^;;;

DONT ASK! your brain would implode at our logic - am im serious.

oh, and these ARE our AIM Screen names - dont PM us on then without asking either.   thank you.

Envyspridenwrath -- [personal profile] broken_envy  
Invidia1988 -- [personal profile] invidia1988  





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