Jun. 24th, 2007 09:57 pm
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ok, just an image dump of sorts.

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My hat that the Chibi gave me - she got it as she knows of my obsession with DarthVader. damn i love this hat.

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Me with my hair kinda up and in my briggs jacket. ^____^ my WINTER OUTSIDE AND INSIDE-WHEN-THERES-NO-HEATER jacket.

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it comes down past my knees. and its so WARM!

and now i'm off to do stuffs.
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Broken is NOT happy right now.

i go up the street to by some things, right? well, while im looking at some REALLY nice clothing - this shop person promptly tells me to look in another store as the clothes ' arnt in my price range'.

i was like WTF are you on. well my face was. so she told me again, and then i looked at her funny. i just wanted to know how much a fucking red, knee lenght dress was.

the woman shooed me away telling me that i couldnt afford it that it was very expensive. aint going back to that store again.

was it the fact that i had on a pair of baggy pants, a baggy shirt and a jumper tied around my waist? i thought that the customers is always right.

i left and went into big W. the staff where happy to help me find something that i liked - even after i said that i prefer to where male clothing. though it did get a random passerbys coment that i was a dyke. >___

that just so happens to like male clothing better as its more comfy. and not so revealing.

i didnt find anything that i could afford at the time, but i did see this cool quicksilver shirt that i liked. pitty it was $120 or something like that. the shop person with me laughed and said that yea, brandnames are more expensive than others.

after i thanked her for helping me, i when to get a new sketch pad and OMFG! Mel-bitch was there and GRRRR!

she fucking steped on my foot!

but anyways, i got my sketch pad and by now i was in full Lioness mode and i need to pimp up my ego. ^____^

So, i got myself a LARGE white hot chocolate and then i headed to Loot. i swear that i walk like i own the whole world at times, esp. when i need and ego boost.

i will swear black and blue that i dont own the world, but at times, when i walk... you know that i think that i do.


and as im felling rather high and mighty - heres some pics of me. XD - view and tell me who you think that i look like. ^____^


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