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IRL stuff )

But first here’s something that I thought that I would share with you all. its just my thouts on what it means to have Aspergers syndrome and to live with it. Im sorry it it doesn’t make much sense, as this how I think.

Oh, and its all hand written stuff as well. So, sorry if you cant read my writing that well.

And on a parting note, I will try and be back tomorow with thongs that i have found in my boxes that i have been unpacking this week. no promises though,

And heres two arts that my sister asked me to draw, seeing as I took her image from when she was 10 and turned into Jasperis.


Apr. 2nd, 2007 10:58 am
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oh fuck... i just heard the Death Eagles cry in my head. and i never hear that unless something BIG is going to go down in the next few months. im scared and im shaking and i know that i just Zoned Out. and when i cam to,. i had drawn what i normally can not draw - the Dark Phoenix. I can not draw birds at all, yet i drew this. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

im scared and shaking and i know that my feeling's dont lie. im a latent/ just beyond the surface seer/clairvoyant/physic. i cant tell when the big things are going to happen. Sept 11 - i drempt of that a week before it was going to happen. the boxing day tsunami. i dreamt of that 2 MONTHS and exactly one week to the day before that happened. and now this... im scared,. something doesnt feel right and its freaking me out.

im just praying that im wrong.


Apr. 1st, 2007 05:38 pm
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Just a smallish drabble thing that bunnied off my pet OT3 of Archer/Roy/Kimblee.

Fem!Archer bunnied from [profile] tomoe_daeva   and [profile] inomuiro   's respective art and in [profile] inomuiro   's case, random chatish comments about yuri and what not. the Arts bunned from [profile] inomuiro   and chat comments that can be found Right at the end of the comments. ^___^;;;
oh, and there might be OOC too. im not sure, and my Fem!Archers name is Francine.

Cross posted at [personal profile] schlachtfeld

WARNING:  Boobs and the head of a cock. >___> so, not worksafe.
Cross posted to [personal profile] schlachtfeld and to<a href="">My Y!Gal account</a> for the middle pic   

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Art of Ryan and Zac.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Zac is giving Ryan a lap dance, and i was bunned for the pic by a Darren Hayes song, Insatiable. ^___^;;;;;;;

The perspective is screwed up and so Zac looks borderline shota, that hes not! both males are over 16.

Now, i have to scurry away and do that single comic panel that i have sitting in PS now.

next update hopefully in an hour.

and sorry if the pic rapes F-Lists.
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I was bunnied by [profile] tomoe_daeva for this.

the Red head is Alexis Giege. Half brother to rhys through Greed, though neither know it.

but yea, this was bunnied as Rhys has been messing around in AU worlds - while hes doing the same thing in his own. *sighs.* My muse is a horn dog that cant stay in his own world.

Alexis - Played by [personal profile] invidia1988
Rhys - played by me.
David -- belongs to [profile] tomoe_daeva.

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Muses... are ... slave drivers!

but XD at lest i got the pic that was doing for [ profile] tomoe_daeva done.

and XD i just saw her little comic that featured rhys in it and i was literally squeeing like an idoit over how CUTE he looked! and how OMG my Big Bad Seme is an UKE! >XD!!!!

yes... i think that i have found Rhys match for the bastard title of Semes. *Snerks* Dae's David Archer takes it. ^___^ and normally, Rhys and David are in totally different AU universes that arent even related. >XD the joy of Rifts and evil!Gates. *snerks some more.*

but yea, heres the pic.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

its set in the Briggs, right at the start of the RP. ^____^ Rhys has a habit of staring out of windows when he has no one to annoy/talk to/get sex from. >___>;;;; Rhys is a horn dog and i know who he gets it from - his father. >XD

you can find the pic on my Y!Gal as well. ,

and the commic by Daeva here


Mar. 21st, 2007 07:54 pm
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My [profile] 20_inkspots  Challange pairings first pic.

*is now dead from the time that it took to do the pic.*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i hope that you all like. ^____^

you can find it Here as well - with the fic that goes with it.

my y!gal account

Fic on Invidias Y!Gall account
and Invidias LJ
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Well.. today was rather fun! but im rather brain dead now. -___-

if not a bit of a brain drain. i had my Induction today. it was basically sit in a room for 5.5 [ 8 hours all up as we got breaks and shit.] hours and fill out a book and watch DVDs and learn the basics of what Woolworths is about. stuff that i knew pretty much. but at least i'm happy and the job is looking up. ^_____^ and i get paid for it. thats a;ways a plus. and i made icons there to - well i sketched the out and will be working on making then soon. ^____^

and i bring Ryoko, Zolfia and Envia in miniskirts.


Mar. 16th, 2007 07:01 pm
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today i bring a treat for my friends. i drew porn. My very first porn.
the Porn. )

*sigh* i have a shit load of art to color now.

and me and [personal profile] invidia1988 RPed Sean and Calista and Ryoko and Frank today, Ryoko got laid, is going to get reinstated and shes also pregnant again. and NOT in that order. -___- and complaining about her breasts. and were slow starting to improve a womans lot in the RP too. seeing as i wanted to have it almost reflecting history and stuff. ^____^ and i finally know who Armstrongs sister is! XDDDD! dam shes hot. so we worked that the miysters general of BBriggs is here - much to our Archers dismay at first - till we poked him and promised lots of sex with his wife. ^___^ >__> as i type this, hes having sex with Ryoko. and hes MEANT to be doing paperwork that Ryoko [Fem!Roy] oh so proudly makes him do. -___-; Ryoko loves to rub it in his face that she doesnt have to do paperwork anymore.

on the other hand, Calista is going to be less Emo now! yay! >> i think that getting her and Sean together will be a good thing. Calista really needs some loving of the not stuffy, strict kind. >__>;;; But XP next up is work on Sean side of the family and give Ed and Envia[Fem!Envy] some loving too. ^______^

and Rhys is starting to Dimension snoop again. -__________-;;; and i think that hes going to get a new stalking victim too... as if stalking [profile] tomoe_daeva's own Archer kid wasnt enough. *sighs* At least hes not stalking my own Archer males. that would be hell! literally!

And, i'd like to introduce Sebastion Nefis. >____> Hes one of a few children that Roy sired while he was still a male. and yes, i did have this character in hiding, hes Cretan and there is, believe it or not, two kids over in Drachma that are sired by Roy as well. >___> but then again, this IS Roy Mustang we're taking about. so yea... its possible that he did sire some kiddies that he doesnt know about.

and then on the other side, we have Alexis, son to Greed by a female Alchemist through a drunken fling on the womans part. dont know that much about him yet as hes being played by [Bad username or unknown identity: invidia1988.]

and i just know that headaches are coming. and smut is coming.

and >D i think... that Rhys has sired a few kids as well. >___> wouldn't surprise me if he did.

Pic dump.

Mar. 8th, 2007 04:07 pm
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well... after 7 hours... its time for the image dump of the day. ^____^

i have imaged of the first five Kimblee children, and some of Ryoko and Archer and two of Zolfia and Kimblee. and one of Sean and Calista together.

and Archer is so HARD to draw right. mine are so fucked up its not funny. and the same with my PC... GRRRR! ill upload the Archer and Ryoko pics later, when my PC is being nice to me.

and my scanner seems to think that its funny to sound like its constipated while scanning. * rolls eyes. * is not being funny at all. the noise makes me edgy. And hurts my ears.

But i am happy as well, as i did some realist drawings too. ^____^ XD

maybe tomorrow will in ficing and colouring, i might draw one of Eddie. XD or the three Ed's from 'a wolf's love' RP. XD doing the Flamel Edward will be a challenge that i am willing to tackle. and  im going to Dump the one of Ryan on Y!Gal.

and onto the pics.

Ryan )

Genvia )

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i finished Ryokos pic... well... some of it.

but its down for now as i'm to lazy to scan in the other bit that goes with it,

Here is Ryoko. )
Here is an up and comming pic that I have to colour on the weekend

I hope that you like and please, leave a comment. its not that much to ask is it?
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Click the link to Ryoko Archer, mine and Invidia's fem!Roy thats married to Frank Archer.


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