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I think that ther might be a copy cat out ther that goes by the name of 'ReiArcher' on LJ.

god, i hope it is one and then i can report it to the abuse team at LJ. if they are a copy cat, then they dont have any creatively at all and are just copying others, its rather annoying really.

but of they got bunnied by it, then its ok - i guess. but if not... i swear that i WILL unless my muses - all 500 of them - onto the copy cat. and report them.

or spam there LJ.

grr! it just makes me so mad that that happens. i mean, i know that i was bunnied from a single pic by Dae when i was surfing the net last year in Dec. and i had NO clue that she had an RP going at the time. so i made my own RP with [personal profile] invidia1988  - my love of my life. and have been on and off RPing it for a while now. almost 3 months now. and i just started to posting info and art up on my journal and now this happens. it makes me weary of posting anything RP related up on this journal now.

so much so that i am thinking of making an LJ just for my RP stuff, called Brokens_Muses. it sucks as i dont want to have to do that, but if i have to, i will.

fucking copycats. and i think that i know where this 'rei' got the idea too.

FMA_RP_Haven. My lover and i started that come up in hopes of RPing our AU!AU!RP Archer family there. we put up small bios of them an everything an are just waiting for others to join now.

though if copy cats are going to happen, then that comm might have to shut done or end up being mod'd posting.

anyways, in other news, im going to the Brisbane Supanova Con at the RNA showgrounds in April! XDDDD Im going as Greed - namely as im to lazy to try and make an Archer uniform in under a month. ^___^ but i will post pics and all of my day/s there! XD i might even buy some stuff! like Roy, Archer, Greed, Kimmy, Ed and Envy figurines. !!!!!!! then i can have them make my OT6! EdxEnvyxRoyxArcherxKimbleexGreed. My OT6 is an orgy! >XD


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