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well, being that i wasnt on at all to day, i was drawing in my art pad, hers some crappy webcam pics as there mostly still WIPs. most of them that is. Not f-locked its not actual scan in of the art. ^__^

as always, comments are welcome.

Rift jumpers Vallerie and Xavier. )
Rhys, Alexis, Gareth and Azzy[Azriel] )Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
poses bunnied off who knows where.

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Well, to say that Easter when smoothly would be an understatement, as it did not.

All was fine in the morning. I rose from my slumber and dressed - in my riding outfit of course. I did my hair up in a nice bun - not to sloppy and not to to tight. I was dressing to impress as always. I have to - I am an Archer - the first born Archer, even if I am not a male. Superficial or not, I am who I am - an Archer by blood.

Once we arrived at the Hakura Club, we were met by the Hawkeye-Havocs. Little Elisa took an instant liking to Francis, who was rather quite shy around her. My poor brother. But I suppose that it is only natural as he is still in an all male privet elementary school.

Charlton, I believe, is not that keen on Bianca, but they are starting to warm up to each other. That is good, even if if was arranged by father. but I do suppose that he only desires the best for Charlton. After all, my brother is the first born male.

We went for a horse ride, and, surprisingly enough, Francis stayed on his horse. Father and mother were both so pleased about that, as was Charlton, though I believe that he was more impressed with Biancas' riding skills.

After the riding, we headed into the club for lunch. Lunch was nice. It was a roast meat of some kind, provided by the Halaway Family, the clubs finest hunters. I enjoyed it, and mother and Mrs Hawkeye-Havoc chatted away, much to Fathers embarrassment at times, and Mr Hawkeye-Havocs.

After lunch, Bianca, Charlton and I mingled. Being the Fuhrers daughter has its perks and its drawbacks. Lisandre, the Eldest of the Comache siblings at 24, attempted to sweet talk me again. I politely pointed out that i am not interested, thank you. I quite like another person. he asked me who, and I told him that it was not his business. Then nerve of him, my love life is not for open talk. and I know that if his youngest sister, Rhianna ever got hold of who I like, I would find myself in a VERY difficult situation. That woman is such a gossip.

I introduced Bianca to Paige and Mathias and their father Bartholomew Halaway. Mr Halaway is one of father’s generals. One of the only ones that I like as a person. Matthias is nice as well, but he is enamored with Ducia Cristenburge, a woman from North City.

I left Charlton and Bianca to talk with the trios and I mingled some more. Until one of the Southern guests, Abigail Samir, insulted my hair. My hair of all things. She called it a birds nest. the nerve of her! i spent at least 40 minutes doing it to make it look perfect thank you very much. Did she know who my father was? No, and she did not care even when I told her my name. She is spoilt, but she is the daughter of the famous Southern model, Mrs Lust Samir. So, I shall not waste my breath on a half-ishballan girl. Oh, I know that she is ishabllan blooded, her eyes are red and they are not the red of a Grans eyes. Now, if that was the end of my worries, I would be happy. But it is not.

Alexandria was in tears by the time that we left. Apparently she had a run in with that Gran heir, Raymond. He is vile and rude and very much arrogant. I am glad that I am not related to him. He is also prejudiced, much like his father and grandfather, the late Brasque Gran. Such a nasty boy. Apparently, what he did was insult not only Alexandria’s name and her style of dress and hair, but herself as well.

Mother told Alexandria not to worry, that there well be people like that. Father was very much furious and there was a stern warning sent to the Grans to keep their son away from his daughter.

I swear that I saw Raymond smirking as we left, but It could have been that he had reduced Alexandria to tears.

After Easter, it was back to school. I am starting to open up more around others and lose my Ice Queen mask to achieve more with my classes, though I do so hate cooking, but, it shall help me in the future as i am told, so I shall suffer it,

I have started too sit with Sean at times, and he with me. Though I fear that he feels outcasted amongst my own social group. Most of who are only friends me with because of my fathers status. And when I sit with him, I do feel outcast at times. I was raised to be a proper lady, so it is hard to fit in, but I do do my best. Sean doesn’t seem to mind though. I do not know why.

I have also been on three dates with him though it hard to at times. I must sneak out of the house from time to time. I - I am enjoying myself with him, so I suppose that is good. It - it is also nice to be seen for myself and not as a way to get close to my father or gather favour with him. I have also started to wear my hair down more - in a sorts. I believe that Sean likes it like this, so - I shall leave it.

There have also been rumors of war, but I am not sure, Father does not say much about it. I believe that he does not wish to upset mother, who is three or four months with child. Father is very happy, though it did come as a shock.

I do hope that is a little sister.

And now I must go. I do have homework to attend to.

~~~ Calista Alathea Archer.
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Today was… well, today was very much fun. Sean and I went… we went one a… well, I wouldn’t call it a date, but that is what it was.

Alexandria helped me chose my outfit to day, and I ended up wearing what Mother bought me last Christmas – the red shirt that Miss Riza – Bianca’s mother – said looks really good on me. And Sean liked it as well, so that is a plus. Of course, for the next date, I will not wear the same thing. And i believe that he likes my hair down – or, at least minus the Curls. But I feel… I do not feel right without them. But I and not sure, I suppose that I will post images of myself with my normal hairstyle and the new hair style and see.

I admit that I had to sneak out of the house – it is not usual for me to go out on a Saturday without finishing my lesson reviews. But I shall make them up to night. Tomorrow, I have horse riding practice with Alexandria at Hakura Stables and the Club. And I will have to face Mrs Samir – one of the few Southern models to make it big here in Central. Off course, it does not help that all the males flock to her and her daughter, Abigail to weight on then hand and foot. I swear, that woman lives up to her name of Lust. But I suppose that I should not talk bad of Abigail she is two years older than myself at 19 years of age.

But enough of that. Back my day with Sean.

We met where we had arranged to, at Zelms' Jewellery in the mall. I found a nice necklace that will go well with the dress that I plan to wear to the spring dance after Easter. And it is within reasonable price range. Only $3400. Not to much, I am sure that Father will give me the money for it. Of course, being a daughter of the state, I’ll get it marked down. So it wont cost that much. One of the perks of being a Daughter of the state. Not that I desire to rub it in of course.

But nonetheless, Sean and I met there. From there, we went to lunch at Colby’s, a nice, out of the way restaurant that sometimes I go to if I do not wish to be treated on hand and foot. That,… and I did not wish to make Sean feel uncomfortable.

At lunch we chatted a bit, I believe that Sean is still nervous, but again, I attribute that to my status. I had a salad for lunch and after a while, I had to use my fingers to eat it. I believe that I did an alright job of blending in, I am not sure. Though I did try my best to put Sean at ease.

After lunch, we went to the park and watched the play, Romeo and Juliet. It was nice, and I did not mind that there was no blanket to sit on, only grass, though Sean was embarrassed about it. He is so cute like that. Cute and sweet. So different that what I had expected of a Brigadier Generals Son. But then again…. I do not know what I expected. I suppose that I expected a superficial male, really only interested in my status, due to my Father being the Fuhrer.

But…. It didn’t turn out that way.. so.. I suppose that it is for the better.

I suppose that I should log off, find my tape-deck, and get on with my lesson reviews and homework that was assigned. And then after that, I shall draw some more. My art tutor says that I have the talent to go far. I do believe that she is correct.

Well, that is all from myself.

~~~~~~Calista Alathea Archer.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:41 am
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XD i hope that you like them. i still have to draw Alexandria and Francis { Frankie }. and then ill upload the finished Kimblees tomorrow. Greed is being a pain in the ass to draw and so is Avaricia, Katlyn and Rhys.


Mar. 1st, 2007 06:17 pm
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Bleh. here's a fic for you all.

i cant get the cuts to work. i suck. *Emo*

Archer was in the den with the ever present stack of mild paperwork.  He knew that he could shove onto some one lower in the military, but then his ever caring and vigilant wife would ask him where his work was.  Looking up, he saw his saw his daughter, Calista.


“Hello Calista. How was school?" he asked simply to the 14 year old girl as she entered the den.


“It was... it was strange to say the least, Father. My first chem lab lesson ended up being post phoned as someone had blown up the labs.”   She made a face at that, as if it was mundane and rather plebeian to do such an act.  “Though one boy, Ryan I think that his name was, did find it funny.”


“Ryan?" he pus the papers down and got up from his spot. “Sounds like a Kimblee...”


“Yes Father. " she sat down on one of the couches, her hands in her lap as she looked at her father, the current fuher. “Ryan Kimblee I believe he introduced himself to me as. His older brother though… he has no manners.” she scowled slightly, her blue eyes showing the dislike. “Nevertheless, I was talking to him during the break, and he mentioned that he had four other brothers and sisters."


Archer snickers as he had met the bomb fanatic child as well. “I’m not too concerned with Ryan, though more so with Rhys. If he has no manners as you say..." he says quietly as he heads over to his daughter and hugs her lightly.


The girl smiles and hugs her father back. "I do not like him... Ryan I do not mind.” then she sighs. "But I do have homework to do. So if you will excuse me, Father?"


“Father! Mother’s burning water again!" Charlton cried from the dinning room, where he was studying and doing his homework like a good child.


“I am not burning water. It just caught alight!” Ryoko Archer called back.


“Ryoko... Turn the stove off move the pot to the back burner and get the baking soda and put it on the flames." Archer says annoyed as he goes to investigate the damage. He found his wife standing with a pot that was full of baking soda, still wearing a flustered look.  


“You should take some lessons.. Less chance of burning the house down.” he says as he pulls his wife close and looks at the charred mess on the stove. He looked back at his wife and then sighed.


“Leave the cooking to me till you don't risk burning things down anymore." He loved her, he really did. But at times, it was safer to keep the ex-Flame Alchemist away from fire, ther was less chance of something ending up flame grilled. Or worse, the house – more like mansion – burning down.

“Yes dear.” Ryoko said and then leant against her husband. “how did Calista’s first day of the new school go?"


“Chem lab was nearly blown up. Met some interesting people and I'm worried as she mentioned Rhys." Archer speaks softly.


“Rhys? The child that did all the damage on New Years Eve six years ago?” she asked, looking at the most powerful man in the state.


“Yes... we have to watch that one." he whispers into his lover's ear and lightly nips on it purring to the Pyro alchemist that can still use alchemy despite being banned from using the spark gloves.


“Mmm... right now I can think of something that you have to do too..” Ryoko said with a smug look. “Paperwork is calling you, my dear." one of the things that she enjoyed was not having to any paperwork. And watching her lover and husband do it, as it was fun to nag him. Work was work and it came before pleasure.


The current fuher sulks at this knowing he can't escape the more important of papers to sign and be sent out. “You know exactly how to chase me off.. But I can always delay them and what not." he purrs


Ryoko raised an eye brow and then smirks. “The country cannot run its self dear." she purred, looking up at the slightly taller male.


“And it’s not like you don’t get enough in bed. But now, off with you to do the paperwork."  She said as Archer sulked, but headed to finish his paperwork. That was on scary thing about the former male. She knew exactly how to get him to do his paperwork.


“The Fuher can’t not do his work." she called as she headed into the kitchen to start to clean up the mess.



More Latter.


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