Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:14 pm
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Well, when i first got back to the Coven, Lana asked me to do some art for her, so here it is.

its just the rough under base, and i have to fix up a few things, but ill do that in opencanvas/GIMP work.

and my scanner sucks ass.
LadyLana69 and Eternal_Shadows. XD I snuck in as well. XD )

And heres some art that i showed Kiya this morning. >XD i am SO Evil at times.
Mmm... The guys in skirts - Rhys! stop posing! )
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Well, today was intresting.

said from it being very cold.

i had to go into Brookside this morening to go to Centerlink there to get a new consesion card - i lost my other one, and while i was waiting, ther was a freaking poweroutage, i stood there dumply untill i was told that i had to come back when the power was back on. two hours away.

so i whent into brookside and got a hot drink and dooled in my not book a bit.

this is what i drew.
Juan.. )

Sabriel )

Random heads. )
Archer boys head.  )
Adult Sean and Zachary. )

She is a singer. )

then, after i drew those, i headed back Centerlink and got my card. then i got the milk and then i got home on the bus.

Ok, off to finish getting stuff ready. Ugg,,, time lines to do with all the main Hunter group as well. uggies.
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IRL stuff )

But first here’s something that I thought that I would share with you all. its just my thouts on what it means to have Aspergers syndrome and to live with it. Im sorry it it doesn’t make much sense, as this how I think.

Oh, and its all hand written stuff as well. So, sorry if you cant read my writing that well.

And on a parting note, I will try and be back tomorow with thongs that i have found in my boxes that i have been unpacking this week. no promises though,

And heres two arts that my sister asked me to draw, seeing as I took her image from when she was 10 and turned into Jasperis.
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well... ive just about uploaded this everywhere else on the net... so im up loading it here.

Future Sasuke for [profile] tomoe_daeva  as she challenged me to do it. of course, i bounced right back and challenged her to do a starwars FMA thing. yep, im a dork and a geek. I have its not hard for her. ^___^;;; mmm... wonder if i can find any Star wars RPers that you agree to an FMA Star Wars crossover thing over LJ. ^___^

anyway,. heres the art.

now, on the side of IRL.... i am worried about my cat, jack. ive called the vets and such as as im fucking flat broke, dont have a car and having no money, the vets coming out to do a home visit, as its the sort iof thing that i need to get Jack to the vet as soon as i can. and i cant, so Paul is coming out to check up on Jack.

fuck, not eating, not peeing - that i have seen and yes, i do check to make sure that hes peepeeing regulary * is a responsible cat owner* and hes walking funny and his bowel area looks fucking weird.

my gut tells me that something is wrong with me. and i just wish that i had the money for a cab, and or a car to drive as i would get jack to the vet asap.

fuck, i cant draw, im restless, im worried and i need to seriously start to get all the rest of the chapters of naruto onto my PC before i move. shit,... i only have like a day or something to do it.

i just hope that my cat is going to be ok and that he doesn't have anything seriously wrong with him. i would...i cant lose my companion animal. my therapy cat. hes my best friend and if he was human, i know that i would be in a relation ship with him. but hes not human as hes just the closest friend that i have. my BEST friend.

shit, ive start to get all teary. i really need to think on the optimistic side of things.

but i cant help it, jack is a part of my life, he has been for the last 13 years.

oh yea, and to all that im rping with over LJ, ill poke you all soon for a few posts, then when im back online, ill poke you all again so that we can finish them. ^___^
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Candid shot of Charlton IN FULL COLOUR!

Charlton: I.. I am an Archer! Not… not a Whore! *Splutters*
Frank Archer : No comment.
Ryoko Archer: *faints*

Rhys: Can I fuck him? *lewd perverse grin
Alexis: RHYS!
Rhys: Don’t worry, ill bring you in on the sex as well. XD
Alexis: ;___; but I just want sex with you..

Bianca: … Charlton… put your clothing back on.
Charlton: yes Bianca.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know what im doing right. ^___^. thank you.
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Just some art of Avaricia that took me most of the day todo. im off to tackle that candid shot of Charlton. >XD and then i have to draw Roy as Sailor Mars. ^____^

Charlton: NO! you'll ruin the Archer name!
Cassidy: ohh... i wanna see. * follows the muse-owner*

Avaricia Rae Kimblee. )[personal profile] invidia1988 does.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know why im doing right. ^___^. thank you.
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^___^ I drew this like a week and a bit go and only now i find it to up-load. * is shot*

Anyway, this is Cassidy Damian Archer.

The Name game that was played with naming him. >__> Archer is PICKY on names. )

Hes the offspring of them in an AU Verse where Archer turned Ryoko into a chimera and then a lot of things happened, but eventually they got together and Ryoko bore Cassidy - so far the only child in that universe - as far as i know anyway.

Hes eventually going to find his way into the main RP and probably end up with someone around his own age, give or take a few years. most likely either Paige or Olivia. Maybe Cathy Hughes. not yet sure.

he technically is a male!Calista, then again not. if you want to here my logic behind that, your welcome to ask.

just keep any grabby muses away from him - even if he is bi and an uke. >__>

And heres Calista and Cassidy. >__> I wanna write a story of them together. as lovers. but i dont wanna be shot by Sean.

When you view Art work, it is polite to leave a few words in the comments box. it doesnt take that long to do so. so please leave a comment of some sort.
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this is just to funny to pass up and not post here.

Archer Baking Cookies?! WTF???

Archer: I do NOT bake cookies or skip.
Broken: *still giggling like mad.* yes you would, just for a chance at war, or to be a war hero.
Archer:.... the Fem!Archers would do that, NOT me.
Broken: OI! no dragging the fem!Archers in to this!

Cross posted to varies places. ^___^
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In regards to this Picture here...

the following MSN chat occurred.

[personal profile] broken_envy  :
Charlton looks like hes got a tree up his ass
[personal profile] invidia1988  :
Well... look at his father >>
[personal profile] broken_envy  :
[personal profile] invidia1988  :
*gets fwaped*
[personal profile] broken_envy  :
nah. Archers got a boeing 747 up his ass
[personal profile] invidia1988  :
Yes he does!
Archer: I resent that!
[personal profile] broken_envy  :
Fem!Archer: X__X
but its true
[personal profile] invidia1988  :
[personal profile] broken_envy  :
Archers useally have something up there ass!


Apr. 17th, 2007 02:52 pm
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RP Stuffs.

Sec Gen - Charlton )
I know, I know that i said i wouldnt post ant shots up of the Third Gen up yet, but... I just HAD to. >__>

Third Gen Head Shots.  )

The Main Guys of the Sec Gen RP )

FMA Stuffs

Archer and Kimblee )

say WHAT?!??!! )

And if you view, it would be nice to leave a few words about what you liked or tips for improvement in a comment - no pressure to though.


Apr. 9th, 2007 09:21 am
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I bring you Realism - or close to it - of Rhys Kimblee and Ryan Kimblee.


Ryan Kimblee, attempt at realism
Ryan )

Rhys Kimblee, attempt at Realism
Rhys )
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Ok, heres some RP-kins done in a realism style. Genvia Clairice Kimblee and Calista Alathea Archer.

Genvia )
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Work training induction thingy is DONE!

im going to work in the long life area as a Night filler. gods, im so happy! the work is easy and the time goes by like a flash. and i like it too, so thats a big plus.

its going to be so fun. and im going to work at the Stafford Woolworths too, so its a close walk to work - though i have to get a cab home as im not walking home at like 11-12 pm at night. no way.

aside from that, im starting to work on my novel, 'Zodii' again and so i might be posting snippets of scence up for a few days before they go on privet lock. though they will probably end up being AU scenes to what goes into the actual list things, and that reminds me,. i need to delete and entry and redo it all. maybe though, not sure on that.

and i need to get those 50 or so art works that have backed up coloured, god, im going to be spamming with art soon.

i'll start on the Kitsunes that i drew and then work my way up.

bleh, i'll try and get three art works down a week, though that will be pushing it. so that means, that i will have to cute down on my MSN time. ;___;

but it'll be for a few weeks only, but it all depends on how long it takes me to work through the back log of art.

though my own OCs of Zodii will be starting to take priority as i start to move the story forward and get it moving again. i have a massive back story, a massive plot and OCs that wont work with me.

that and i need to start downloading new music too. i need to get songs from my novel up and running and make play lists for them. uggf... that means that i have to go searching for love songs and sad songs and screaming songs and what not. and start to download songs that my f-list listen to. ^____^


i have to much to do.

I need more time.


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