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Well, today was intresting.

said from it being very cold.

i had to go into Brookside this morening to go to Centerlink there to get a new consesion card - i lost my other one, and while i was waiting, ther was a freaking poweroutage, i stood there dumply untill i was told that i had to come back when the power was back on. two hours away.

so i whent into brookside and got a hot drink and dooled in my not book a bit.

this is what i drew.
Juan.. )

Sabriel )

Random heads. )
Archer boys head.  )
Adult Sean and Zachary. )

She is a singer. )

then, after i drew those, i headed back Centerlink and got my card. then i got the milk and then i got home on the bus.

Ok, off to finish getting stuff ready. Ugg,,, time lines to do with all the main Hunter group as well. uggies.
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EDIT: TABLES FIXED UP!  thanks to Invidia for pointing it out to me.  * shamelessly ripped the tabled from elsewhere on LJ as she sucks at tables* m(__)m

OK, so im a dork and i re-did things, cleaning them up and what not. ^___^ so shoot me.

First up,. whos plays who and whos the girl. ^____^

Now the third gen table. @___@ i hate tables.

and now... my grand Master pice - the Timeline form 1910 to 1966 - minus the Rift jumps and what not. may contain spiloers and doesnt tell when what pairings happen. THAT will be in another freaking timeline. my fingers hurts.

And last but not lest, what tracklist we have for the RP. we are still working on this so only those that have songs are shown. ^___^

ok, any and all constructive criticisms are welcome on this. ^___^
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Candid shot of Charlton IN FULL COLOUR!

Charlton: I.. I am an Archer! Not… not a Whore! *Splutters*
Frank Archer : No comment.
Ryoko Archer: *faints*

Rhys: Can I fuck him? *lewd perverse grin
Alexis: RHYS!
Rhys: Don’t worry, ill bring you in on the sex as well. XD
Alexis: ;___; but I just want sex with you..

Bianca: … Charlton… put your clothing back on.
Charlton: yes Bianca.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know what im doing right. ^___^. thank you.
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^___^ I drew this like a week and a bit go and only now i find it to up-load. * is shot*

Anyway, this is Cassidy Damian Archer.

The Name game that was played with naming him. >__> Archer is PICKY on names. )

Hes the offspring of them in an AU Verse where Archer turned Ryoko into a chimera and then a lot of things happened, but eventually they got together and Ryoko bore Cassidy - so far the only child in that universe - as far as i know anyway.

Hes eventually going to find his way into the main RP and probably end up with someone around his own age, give or take a few years. most likely either Paige or Olivia. Maybe Cathy Hughes. not yet sure.

he technically is a male!Calista, then again not. if you want to here my logic behind that, your welcome to ask.

just keep any grabby muses away from him - even if he is bi and an uke. >__>

And heres Calista and Cassidy. >__> I wanna write a story of them together. as lovers. but i dont wanna be shot by Sean.

When you view Art work, it is polite to leave a few words in the comments box. it doesnt take that long to do so. so please leave a comment of some sort.


Apr. 17th, 2007 02:52 pm
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RP Stuffs.

Sec Gen - Charlton )
I know, I know that i said i wouldnt post ant shots up of the Third Gen up yet, but... I just HAD to. >__>

Third Gen Head Shots.  )

The Main Guys of the Sec Gen RP )

FMA Stuffs

Archer and Kimblee )

say WHAT?!??!! )

And if you view, it would be nice to leave a few words about what you liked or tips for improvement in a comment - no pressure to though.
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This is just too funny not share. ^____^

the Log format with the cut out porn will be up on Brokens_Rp_Logs in one or twos days.

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Today was… well, today was very much fun. Sean and I went… we went one a… well, I wouldn’t call it a date, but that is what it was.

Alexandria helped me chose my outfit to day, and I ended up wearing what Mother bought me last Christmas – the red shirt that Miss Riza – Bianca’s mother – said looks really good on me. And Sean liked it as well, so that is a plus. Of course, for the next date, I will not wear the same thing. And i believe that he likes my hair down – or, at least minus the Curls. But I feel… I do not feel right without them. But I and not sure, I suppose that I will post images of myself with my normal hairstyle and the new hair style and see.

I admit that I had to sneak out of the house – it is not usual for me to go out on a Saturday without finishing my lesson reviews. But I shall make them up to night. Tomorrow, I have horse riding practice with Alexandria at Hakura Stables and the Club. And I will have to face Mrs Samir – one of the few Southern models to make it big here in Central. Off course, it does not help that all the males flock to her and her daughter, Abigail to weight on then hand and foot. I swear, that woman lives up to her name of Lust. But I suppose that I should not talk bad of Abigail she is two years older than myself at 19 years of age.

But enough of that. Back my day with Sean.

We met where we had arranged to, at Zelms' Jewellery in the mall. I found a nice necklace that will go well with the dress that I plan to wear to the spring dance after Easter. And it is within reasonable price range. Only $3400. Not to much, I am sure that Father will give me the money for it. Of course, being a daughter of the state, I’ll get it marked down. So it wont cost that much. One of the perks of being a Daughter of the state. Not that I desire to rub it in of course.

But nonetheless, Sean and I met there. From there, we went to lunch at Colby’s, a nice, out of the way restaurant that sometimes I go to if I do not wish to be treated on hand and foot. That,… and I did not wish to make Sean feel uncomfortable.

At lunch we chatted a bit, I believe that Sean is still nervous, but again, I attribute that to my status. I had a salad for lunch and after a while, I had to use my fingers to eat it. I believe that I did an alright job of blending in, I am not sure. Though I did try my best to put Sean at ease.

After lunch, we went to the park and watched the play, Romeo and Juliet. It was nice, and I did not mind that there was no blanket to sit on, only grass, though Sean was embarrassed about it. He is so cute like that. Cute and sweet. So different that what I had expected of a Brigadier Generals Son. But then again…. I do not know what I expected. I suppose that I expected a superficial male, really only interested in my status, due to my Father being the Fuhrer.

But…. It didn’t turn out that way.. so.. I suppose that it is for the better.

I suppose that I should log off, find my tape-deck, and get on with my lesson reviews and homework that was assigned. And then after that, I shall draw some more. My art tutor says that I have the talent to go far. I do believe that she is correct.

Well, that is all from myself.

~~~~~~Calista Alathea Archer.
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Ok, heres some RP-kins done in a realism style. Genvia Clairice Kimblee and Calista Alathea Archer.

Genvia )


Mar. 16th, 2007 07:01 pm
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today i bring a treat for my friends. i drew porn. My very first porn.
the Porn. )

*sigh* i have a shit load of art to color now.

and me and [personal profile] invidia1988 RPed Sean and Calista and Ryoko and Frank today, Ryoko got laid, is going to get reinstated and shes also pregnant again. and NOT in that order. -___- and complaining about her breasts. and were slow starting to improve a womans lot in the RP too. seeing as i wanted to have it almost reflecting history and stuff. ^____^ and i finally know who Armstrongs sister is! XDDDD! dam shes hot. so we worked that the miysters general of BBriggs is here - much to our Archers dismay at first - till we poked him and promised lots of sex with his wife. ^___^ >__> as i type this, hes having sex with Ryoko. and hes MEANT to be doing paperwork that Ryoko [Fem!Roy] oh so proudly makes him do. -___-; Ryoko loves to rub it in his face that she doesnt have to do paperwork anymore.

on the other hand, Calista is going to be less Emo now! yay! >> i think that getting her and Sean together will be a good thing. Calista really needs some loving of the not stuffy, strict kind. >__>;;; But XP next up is work on Sean side of the family and give Ed and Envia[Fem!Envy] some loving too. ^______^

and Rhys is starting to Dimension snoop again. -__________-;;; and i think that hes going to get a new stalking victim too... as if stalking [profile] tomoe_daeva's own Archer kid wasnt enough. *sighs* At least hes not stalking my own Archer males. that would be hell! literally!

And, i'd like to introduce Sebastion Nefis. >____> Hes one of a few children that Roy sired while he was still a male. and yes, i did have this character in hiding, hes Cretan and there is, believe it or not, two kids over in Drachma that are sired by Roy as well. >___> but then again, this IS Roy Mustang we're taking about. so yea... its possible that he did sire some kiddies that he doesnt know about.

and then on the other side, we have Alexis, son to Greed by a female Alchemist through a drunken fling on the womans part. dont know that much about him yet as hes being played by [Bad username or unknown identity: invidia1988.]

and i just know that headaches are coming. and smut is coming.

and >D i think... that Rhys has sired a few kids as well. >___> wouldn't surprise me if he did.
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i finished Ryokos pic... well... some of it.

but its down for now as i'm to lazy to scan in the other bit that goes with it,

Here is Ryoko. )
Here is an up and comming pic that I have to colour on the weekend

I hope that you like and please, leave a comment. its not that much to ask is it?
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yesterday was... interesting to say the least. aside form the fact that i Emo'd and went on an aghast trip.

i RP'd with Dae and Invidia, Mine and Invidia's Archer kids - Calista, Charlton, Alexandria {mother is a Fem!Roy called Ryoko} - and some of the Greedkin - Rhys, Avaricia, Genvia { Mother is a fem!Kimblee called Zolfia} met and took David and Evelyn to their world. Then Rhys took David off - i think that Rhys wanted to get laid, but they didnt have enough time. MWWAAHAHHAHAHAH.

Rhys: *sulks*
Broken: *pets the muse*

RP'ed a bit with Ividia in trying to get the character pairings up to speed. its sort of working, but we just need a bit of a plot now. i think that one of the plots will be having Charlton move to be Fuhrer when he is able to be - as per daddy's wishes. of course, daddy doesn't know that Calista is starting to rebel her Archer upbringing. and >XD i feel so evil to Ryoko... she is going to hit the roof when she finds out that Calista is eying off the younger of the Elric twins, Sean.

And we need to get all the RP girls into a girl talk thing too. >XD

Rhys: No you don't, its just smut. >XD .. you dont need plots for smut.
Broken: Shut up, pervert. and we do if I say we do! So there.

and i need to give some loving to my Pairings of Edvy, GreedXZolfia and ArcherxRyoko. ^___^ in that order too. and i have to try and see if i can get all my Art penned and started to link to my account on Y!gallery. well, the guys will be up there. ^___^ i'll host the girls on my photobucket account and host them all here too. and up on DA.

and now i have to go get my cat ready for the vets. getting him into that carrier is always a nightmare.

and i need more sleep!
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Click the link to Ryoko Archer, mine and Invidia's fem!Roy thats married to Frank Archer.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:41 am
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XD i hope that you like them. i still have to draw Alexandria and Francis { Frankie }. and then ill upload the finished Kimblees tomorrow. Greed is being a pain in the ass to draw and so is Avaricia, Katlyn and Rhys.


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