Apr. 16th, 2007 12:11 pm
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RP Stuff.
 I made the word form of the family tree easier to understand.

-     offspring off
--    marrige
---   union of somekind
+     comes with


Data for my upcoming project on Y!Gal. -- i need to finish drawing the mug shots of all the guys too.


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how hard is it to find formal family photos of 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9 people on google?


and i desperately need them for reference now. i wanna draw the familys of the RP - before i get any where nearing drawing the sec gen familys. >___<!

i already have Paige Elric, Olivia Elric, Tristan Elric, Azriel Geige, Claratrix Archer, Beatrice Archer, Duncan Gran, Hillarie Gran, Sabriel Archer, Zahro {Zahra got changed into a boy just as i wanted at lest one male archer in the third gen.} Archer and Gareth Kimblee drawn up from the third gen. ^___^ Tristan looks a lot like a blonde archer in hair style. >_<! note that i will not post the pics up yet as im waiting till i get the rest of the third gen kids done.

and i need to finish my archer Crest and the Sec Gen banner - ugg... so much work to do so little time.

if you can help with donating links to refs / images, i will be most Greatful to you.
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yesterday was... interesting to say the least. aside form the fact that i Emo'd and went on an aghast trip.

i RP'd with Dae and Invidia, Mine and Invidia's Archer kids - Calista, Charlton, Alexandria {mother is a Fem!Roy called Ryoko} - and some of the Greedkin - Rhys, Avaricia, Genvia { Mother is a fem!Kimblee called Zolfia} met and took David and Evelyn to their world. Then Rhys took David off - i think that Rhys wanted to get laid, but they didnt have enough time. MWWAAHAHHAHAHAH.

Rhys: *sulks*
Broken: *pets the muse*

RP'ed a bit with Ividia in trying to get the character pairings up to speed. its sort of working, but we just need a bit of a plot now. i think that one of the plots will be having Charlton move to be Fuhrer when he is able to be - as per daddy's wishes. of course, daddy doesn't know that Calista is starting to rebel her Archer upbringing. and >XD i feel so evil to Ryoko... she is going to hit the roof when she finds out that Calista is eying off the younger of the Elric twins, Sean.

And we need to get all the RP girls into a girl talk thing too. >XD

Rhys: No you don't, its just smut. >XD .. you dont need plots for smut.
Broken: Shut up, pervert. and we do if I say we do! So there.

and i need to give some loving to my Pairings of Edvy, GreedXZolfia and ArcherxRyoko. ^___^ in that order too. and i have to try and see if i can get all my Art penned and started to link to my account on Y!gallery. well, the guys will be up there. ^___^ i'll host the girls on my photobucket account and host them all here too. and up on DA.

and now i have to go get my cat ready for the vets. getting him into that carrier is always a nightmare.

and i need more sleep!


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