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Sometimes I really do wonder about humans. I don't know why, I just do. I can't help it. I really cant.

Then I think about Myself, and how disorganized I am.

I need to get my old hard drive scrubbed for the Novel file that I have. Most of the other stuff i have backed up in various places so I'm not complaining, not really. I just really, really need that fucking novel file of like 80 typed pages. Or even the first fifty pages. the first fifty would be a REALLY good help, as then i can rewrite scenes that i need to.

Mmm.. I think that i'll ask some of the guys at TAFE about getting files off busted hardrives. might be a waste, but if the files in good shape and i can get it out, then imma gonna do it.

been doing a lot of research of late and started to buckle down again. Its good, means that I will get something done, and soon. I just need to find my inspirational music again [CoughTFScoreandsoundtrackandoldermusicthatshiddencough], and i'm set for novel writing. Nothings gonna stand in my way. Now, if i could find that black USB, i'll be right. ^___^ knowing me, it could be anywhere at all. I might ask mori to help me tonight or tomorrow night, ^___^

in my personal life, things aint good.

My GF is now another EX, and it'll hit me sooner or latter, ive already ranted to mysister many times, so i dont know if imma gonna rant here or not, I might end up posting songs.

In the fandom world, i'm collecting the TF comics and i think that I like Sixshot the most interms of design. hes just plain wicked. got the first two issues of Reign of Starscream and loving that so far, Screamer is like the best right now. XD and TC seem to be diff. XDDD! movie!TC might be my fave seeker. got a few new TF toys - Elita-1 is a bitch to transfomer though, and i want some of the bigger toys, but ... ug. Mum is telling me not to wasit my money of pointless crap.

Hello, woman, you DONT FUVKING CONTOL ME ANYMORE! jesus fucking christ, i hate the fact that she's a control freak with me and i hardly have any say in how i wanna spend my stuff. she just pisses me the hell off. i know that i have bills and debts to pay, but she goes on an on and one about them. and its like shut up woman, I dont need this in my life, fuck, she didnt really like my GF now that i think of it. but i dont care, yea, approvals nice, but she aint gonna choose who i go out with. fuck it all. just... fuck the world right now. I am who I am, and nothings gonna change me. so just deal with it. Love me, hate me, but let me be me. Thats all i want in life.


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