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this is it,. i'm sheding my skin and leaving the husk that was broken_Envy - im gone. from here. from Live jurnal only that is.

i dont really care any more, im not going to waste any more nights crying of some jack ass of a wimp that cant face ther own fucking fears and leave with me and my stress bringers.

fuick you kiya, i hope that you rott in hell. you got into my heart, past my shields,. i opened up, let you see me for who i was and then you do this,

your not worth the pain to my heart.

i can live with the numbness. i can live with the bitterness that you left in your wake,

i hope that you destroy everything good in your life, i really do.

you say that you distroy all you touch? well, its true.

you distroyed me, my heart. i made the mistake of letting you in. i opened the gates, so to speak.

say what you want, say what you want. i really dont care. no any more, not when nights of sleepless have become common with me.

becouse of you. all becouse of you.

so,. go, run along. live by your fears and such, ill only grow stronger from this point on wards. im facing mine, fuck, mori was right - and yes, im posting that transcript up. im feeling like a little bitch, one of the last things that ill do.

cose im gone from Live Jurnal. ill be around on DA, maybe, maybe even Y!Gallery - maybe not. i dont care for Y!Gallery any more. it was fun while it lasted.

so, run along, go, just go.

hate me if you wish, i dont hate you, i just feel numb. and rather stupid for letting you in.

it was nice knowing ya, but.... times change, you couldnt cope, so you RAN! and ppl say that im the fucking coward. well, your an even bigger coward than me. at lest i try and stand up to myself and not bow do to others, regardless of what it it is.

but that doesnt matter now. you wont heard from me EVER agian.

just know this. i could have been the best thing in your life, but you destroyed that, i had a part in it as well, but i let you see the real me.

big mistake, but whats done is done, and by chance should you read this, dont bother trying to get into contact with me. i wount respond to you all al, or to anyone.

im gone.

i have bigger shit coming my way that i need to train my shadows for, just so that i stand chance in the battle that comeing up.

oh, wait, you might not belive that and sya that im fucking crazy.

what ever. think what you want, truth seer. but know this. the times coming when you will HAVE to pick a side.

you cant stay neutral forever, Sandra.

bie lao~.

Date: 2007-07-29 10:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh yes I can stay neutral forever, and you hurt me first.. worst of all you blackmailed me but here is the thing. you may not hate me but I most certainly hate you. don't forget to take me off broken logs.. for that matter all of your accounts. I do not want any part of you.

You brought this all on yourself. after all that fight with Daeva's group didn't start till you had to be that bitch that decided that you can take whatever name you wanted.

Then the simular art began. I prefer to live smarter and I sealed my fate and I also sealed your's.

I warned you also about that death angel side that if you scorne me I will seek to destroy you. and you really really scorned me to no end.

There are no allies in a war with someone who had blackmail material. and that was the reason I stuck around was to get you to get rid of that.

you see you crossed that path of bring friends and to being an enemy to me when you threatend to post those pictures somewhere. I could not get rid of you before-hand without an insult when you had that.

So no we were not really friends beyond that. I was just playing nice till the material was out of the way and to be given better reason to get out of there.

You are the real one that hurts people here. and I hope forchan's prediction comes true too. Everyone is already starting to see through your act.

also.. you are better off leaving any site with me on it. specially art sites. I am putting the word out of your art thieving ways.

You may say you aren't but really you are.

and I already said it to you on msn and that was Bie Liao.

I no longer wish to be around you so get on with it already and delete your account so I can breathe.

Date: 2007-07-30 12:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow...bitch fight drama... O_o

Date: 2007-07-30 12:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry you are witnessing this but my best advice is do not talk more to this bitch. She is not worth it after all.


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