Jul. 24th, 2007

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Oh Kiya... Sandra....

you dont know how baddly you have just hurt me - to the point of tears.

i waited all of monday, my time, just to tell you something. you never showed. i shurgged it off, then decied to cheack your LJ the next day.

i found that and i was in tears.

you dumped me me, and i cant say that i understand why, but i can have a guess... couse im to over bearing... to much of myself.

i will say this now, though i doubt that you will belive me. why belive me when They have ther claws into you? when ther influancing you?

i never used you.

why is that so hard to say when its the truth? couse the accation that i did, hurts. i do not use poeple. i may want to, but i dont. its not in my nature to use ppl and frankly...

it doesnt matter,.,, all that matters is that you hurt me... and im scared.

your right you know... your fears of destroying whats precious to you is real.

gods.... if only... if only i hadnt been so... so pig headed and not scared to feath of what i was feeling... then maybe... ,aybe i could have been more open/

i...i..i..i love you... i... i really do.

and thats why, last night my time, i had mori do a reading. a reading of you, from a pic of. and she did a reading of nother person..

but... im at lest going to give you a chance to see the reading in privet, please, respond here and then IM and and ill send it to you.

it was a real eyeopener to me, to show me just how much you ment to me. you mean the world to me...

and... i am really, really truely sorry that i ever hurt you if at all, as i never ment to.

all that i am asking is just an hour in IM with you, nothing more, nothing less. I gave you a chance, so the least that you can do, is give me a chance. thats all im asking.

after that, if you still think its all bullshit, ill be gone from your life.

but iot wont stop me from loving you know that i know that i do. nothing will. you can hate me if you want, but i will not hate you.

couse i .... cos i... i.. i love you...


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