Jul. 16th, 2007

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Well... ive done it, ive hit rock bottum in my life and nothing ing bloody working any more. not my anime, not anothing.

I feel like im being boxed in and i miss kiya. i miss her as... to me... shes a good friends. a very good friend.

i relieze now tha the pain of being hurt by Him goes deeper than i thought, and I am not ready - not by a long shot - ready to start up anothing like a realtion ship - AT ALL. thers might tell me diffantly, but i know myself and i know that im not ready.

i wont be ready untill i know its time and then it all will happen. you cant push for something, not if the other person is taking ten stepes back for each steep you takle.

i know that my life is fucked up, but its my lofe, i know myself better thn the lot of you.  caouse i am me and i dont give a shit any more what others think of me.

i amyseld and thats all the ther is to it.

i am an anime fangirl - i have my muses, my main ones, my two Roys, my Fem!Archer, my Kimblee, my ed muse and my greed muses.  Ive alos ways worked on the fact that my roys mother is Xinging and this his father is Amestrian. always.  it hardly ever crops up though, but thats asit not hardly needed, but its there. my greed is from the south of Amestris, how ever you speal that contrys name. my Archer is opure blooded Amestrian and my Kimblee has a bit of Xingina blood in him, though more Amestrain. Kimmys great gran mother was Xing.

 i also need more music and bah - maybe ill go work on that naruto/FMA stuff that i have planed.  dont know yet,.

and yes, i know that my speelings shit, but dont tell me,. i dont care at this point.


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