Jul. 1st, 2007

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updated my profile. you can find it here.

but im happy now with it, it says who i am. it is me to the core.

yea, im a passive aggressive bitch, but that is who the fuck i am and i have just in the last week at Covens, been reminded that i have those that care for me.

Lana, Bear, DN, Angel - the old gang that i knew back in 2006. well, some of them. Demon died and fenrir is... hes MIA. the Lord of the Coevn is MIA and Lady Lana misses him,. i miss him as well.

ill be blunt - im not going to hide it any more, im a witch. well, not really,. im more of a shadow walker - a type of witch that works with the shadows of the earth umbra - her shadow really, believe it or not, its no skin off my back if your to closed minded. Im also a medium and i have a nother gift that i hate, but its part of me. ask if you want to know what it, thou 'll probably tell sooner or latter.

even if you are, chances are that ill whine about in covens. heh, i have a rep on ther for being who i am, and for not changing.

i have made a few new friends, Remeb is one of them. im getting a reading done by mori tonight i hope and i MIGHT post it up here, maybe maybe not. depends on whats said in it.

anyways, im gone, im in the Covens - not that you guys need know where it is. XD

you wouldn't like it anyways.

ill have some art up latter on in the new few days.


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