Jun. 24th, 2007

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well, im back at home and when im not to lazy, ill update my LJ with a back looged entery of what esle happened.

but for now, i have work to do, timelines to type up, Naruto to download and lots of other nice stuff.
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ok, heres the rest of the thing about my stay at the Chibis.

We had fish and chips for lunch as we couldnt be bothered to walk all the way to the Sandgate shops - read i whined a bit - the most expy thing was Chibis Steak burger at like almost $8. my combines food total of price was like $9 and then you add in the drinks so it was all up around $22. and i had to pay for it, im not complaining, i just didnt expect it to eat up all my money. oh well.

we walked home and then we watched tenshi muyo - good show, not that im getting into it.

after that, i had some good chats with Karen. shes starting Chemo for her breast cancer soon, and boy she she optimistic about pulling through it. but then again, thats Karen,. she always looks on the bright side of things. i mean. Micks got NF as well, the same the Chibi, and shes just naturally optimistic.

she told me really good advise as well. 'you cant be strong if those that are behind you are playing musical chairs with you. you have to find that one group of ppl that are firmly behind you, no matter what and then you will be stronger.' and Karen means it,. i mean, shes known me all my life practically as shes a good friend of mums, and i have known the Chibi from when she was a baby.

anyways, after dinner, the Chibi and i talked a bit about random stuffs and then latter we watched cowboy bebop. then it was bed.

the morning was uneventful - i hate OMG Breakfast for once, then i drew a bit but nothing worth showing as most of the pages are used up with older drawings that i dated, but never signed. i might show those off.

after lunch it was time to go home,. me and Jk where dropped at Sandgate station and we headed home. train was boring really.

and that was my weekend.


Jun. 24th, 2007 09:57 pm
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ok, just an image dump of sorts.

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My hat that the Chibi gave me - she got it as she knows of my obsession with DarthVader. damn i love this hat.

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Me with my hair kinda up and in my briggs jacket. ^____^ my WINTER OUTSIDE AND INSIDE-WHEN-THERES-NO-HEATER jacket.

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it comes down past my knees. and its so WARM!

and now i'm off to do stuffs.


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