Jun. 23rd, 2007

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just an update from where i am right now - over at my chibis house for a sleep over.

not much has happened, but i have found myself again. i have found myself and who i am really am, thats all im going to say for now other than that i am starting to go back to normal.

i found out that my chibi wears glasses as well, and i have promised her that if she is wearing them then full time by 16th aug - my birth day - i'll give her fifty dollars.

the reason that im doing this is to help her. i dont want her to lose her sight latter in life 'cause of this, so she has to wear them.

yes, it will feel strange for her, but she has to get used to it,

she like me, is a megane-wearer. [megane means glasses in Japanese.]

she also has NF and so shes teased a lot about it. but she thinks really negativity about it was well, so it doesnt help. she has to turn her view of it around, to think positively and not let any hateful things get her down.

i used to be VERY negative about my AS, but then i decided that screw the world, im not going to let any one get me down, ill go my own way. my way or the high way. and i have gone my way. i have been off the Sertraline [zoloft] and the ritilin for a good two years now and im fine. im naturally optimistic, so it helps.

there is no cure for NF, no drugs that can managed it, so its all in her mind trhat she cant do good at things. but she can, i know that she can. and i will not let any one say other wise.

Chibi is really good at sose and maths and science - or so she tells me, and i think that she should focus on that and do her best on things that shes good at. and not worry about the other things, it doesnt matter if your not the best at such and such like sport or Phys Ed. if you have strengths that lay else where, then you should go for it.

i dont care of she she not the best, but she is my chibi and i will push and encourage her to excel in things that she is good at.

and i will ALWAYS stand up for her, always.

anyways, have to go as shes hovering wanting to go out, maybe i can grab a hot chocolate or something while im out with the brat-for-hire.LOL >D inside joke tween us too. >XD


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