Jun. 18th, 2007


Jun. 18th, 2007 02:05 pm
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WEEEE!!! Im enrolled in cert 3 of screen now! WEEE! I’m so happy!

I know that its gonna be a lot of work but im willing to put the effort into it. I wanna be someone with my art, and I will be.

My sister took me into the city this morning to meet with dad – who paided for the first course, and then we whent out to lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwitch and zoe had a muffin. Mm.. chocolate. Dad had to go back to work so he didn’t join us.

Then we headed ho,e. we stoped in at brook side and this happened waiting for the buse.

Me: my backs itchy!@ * trys to reach it* ugg! I’ll use a ruller to scarach it when I get home as I cant reach it. ;___;
Zoe: you’re a strange one.
Me: * a min latter* im not strange! Im just me. ^_____^
Zoe: *rolls eyes as the buss comes.*

Please not that I hate just had a sugger hit as well so I was and still am rather hyper. ^___^

But yes, now im off to start finding out what to do for my online course.

So, if you see ‘Busy with School Work’ on any of my messengers, im studying / doing stuff for the course im taking. ^___^

OH! And to all my contacts, I have a new AIM – its Prides_Wrath@Hotmail.com – yes, I used my Email to make my AIM SN as im to lazy to recall my other ones pass word * has forgotten it. *


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