Apr. 22nd, 2007


Apr. 22nd, 2007 10:34 am
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For amandaorchard and Invidia1988 to read and respond to.

well... basically, ive been bunnied for this RP that takes place in mine and Invidias RP World that involves two/three of who ebver you feel comfy RPing as coming to mine and Invidias RP world - via Zac and his misplaced alchemy attempts.

anyways, basically, the gate drags your guys through to our side of the gate - in front of Sean, Calista, Ryan and Zac - the parents would be upstarts talking ect.

just let me know what you think, ok guys?

and we can do it over LJ or however you want to do it. im not picky.

please comment the both of you. ^___^

and now some sillyness quoted from Goldphish_Bowl LJ. i hope that the phish doesnt mind me sharing it around. ^___^

you can find the orginal thing http://goldphish-bowl.livejournal.com/17332.html#cutid1

and now i must to a post about the Rift Jumpers. i feel headaches coming on - mmm... Archers vs Archers vs Archers vs Archer... wonder if i can draw Charlton, Francis, Cassidy, the two Leons and Richard. mm... i might work on a small fic for them too. >__>
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Fuckit all... i hate this relestless feeling in me.

im all over the place and i got this feeling that the worst has yet to come.

not even my songs are helping and its annoying the fuck shit out of me.

i need to docuas, as i wanna RP some more, but i cant, im just all over the place.

unf.... i hope that im just plain restless, but always get like this before something bad happenes.

i just hope that its wrong. and that i can go back to my squeeing over darth vader and hunting down fics of FMA with my pairings in them.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 09:29 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] invidia1988.
All i can say is Eh? but i guess its me,.... ^__^
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EDIT: TABLES FIXED UP!  thanks to Invidia for pointing it out to me.  * shamelessly ripped the tabled from elsewhere on LJ as she sucks at tables* m(__)m

OK, so im a dork and i re-did things, cleaning them up and what not. ^___^ so shoot me.

First up,. whos plays who and whos the girl. ^____^

Now the third gen table. @___@ i hate tables.

and now... my grand Master pice - the Timeline form 1910 to 1966 - minus the Rift jumps and what not. may contain spiloers and doesnt tell when what pairings happen. THAT will be in another freaking timeline. my fingers hurts.

And last but not lest, what tracklist we have for the RP. we are still working on this so only those that have songs are shown. ^___^

ok, any and all constructive criticisms are welcome on this. ^___^


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