Apr. 21st, 2007

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i have to much to do today to be online at all. WWAAAA!

i have something like three art works to push out, and i need to fixup the family tree and timelines - work out when Ryokos miscarriage takes pace, when They appear, when frankies attempted assassination takes place, when the Cretan war starts/ends, when the drachman war starts, when all thrid gen are born, when Cassidy and some of the others get dragged into the main RP and whos breding and what not to make the fourth gen. >___<!

and that reminds me! an event that triggers the miscarriage in Ryoko might not happen as we need another Roy RPer perfeably with a frank attached to RP over LJ, though it doesnt really mater of its someone else. [profile] mercy_slays was Rping with us, but shes gone and dissapeared on us. and i had something worked out along the lines that thers a small rip coused by Zac that brings a fem!Roy/male!Roy and an Archer - or someone one else from the other Roys world - to there world and things happen and the resulting end of the mess is the trigger to Ryokos miscarriage a few days latter. *sighs*

but by the looks of it now, im going to have to think up another trigger - HIGHLY annoying really. but if you can help, PLEASE let me know. you will be credited in the main RP and the RP over LJ and Art will be come forth.

but i will be online to night for MASSIVE RPing with the Archers/Hawkeye-Havocs and maybe a bit of Calista / Abigail interaction - and if we get time, to the Kimblee and Elrics easter thing and updating Zac and Ryans LJ journals. i just need to knuckle down and get all this stuff done! i know that its going to give me a fucking heachache and migraine, but i need to NOT think all over the place.

that, and my novel muses are starting to bit and i need to spend time with Jack.

im slightly worried about him - but untill i get money, i cant take him to the vets for his check up. ;_____; my cat is old and im fretting over him.

but it was so cute last night, he was nose to nose with my darth vader toy and then he curled up next to to Ze Box and had a paw on my 'a new hope' DVD Case.

any way, im heading off.

stuffs to do, games to play and other things, weee... im planing something in the sims, but i wont tell you yet! MHAHAHAHAH!!!


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