Apr. 20th, 2007

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*Twitches baddly*

you know what really, really, really pisses me off?
. im logging off and going to play the sims for a while. ^___^

EEEE! Archer and Fem!Kimblee and Fem!Roy triad family time! WEEE!

oh, and if you want me to make a family and play that, give me a shot. ill do it for you. yuri, yaoi, het - ill do it and if you want, ill have them breed as well. ^_____^
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Calling all FMA/Naruto Fans

im creating FIVE/Six familys in the sims 2 and i want to know what pairings/threesomes you guys want!

i'll do clones as well so that means that their can be two Roys for example or what ever.

let me know in the comments. and suggest names for the kiddies [ all generations] to! ^____^ the project will go on for three generations or till every one of the family's is related..
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Candid shot of Charlton IN FULL COLOUR!

Charlton: I.. I am an Archer! Not… not a Whore! *Splutters*
Frank Archer : No comment.
Ryoko Archer: *faints*

Rhys: Can I fuck him? *lewd perverse grin
Alexis: RHYS!
Rhys: Don’t worry, ill bring you in on the sex as well. XD
Alexis: ;___; but I just want sex with you..

Bianca: … Charlton… put your clothing back on.
Charlton: yes Bianca.

and if you view, i would gladly appreciate feed back. it helps me improve my art. and if you fave it, please tell me why you faved it - its always nice to know what im doing right. ^___^. thank you.


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