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Apr. 10th, 2007 02:48 pm
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Today was… well, today was very much fun. Sean and I went… we went one a… well, I wouldn’t call it a date, but that is what it was.

Alexandria helped me chose my outfit to day, and I ended up wearing what Mother bought me last Christmas – the red shirt that Miss Riza – Bianca’s mother – said looks really good on me. And Sean liked it as well, so that is a plus. Of course, for the next date, I will not wear the same thing. And i believe that he likes my hair down – or, at least minus the Curls. But I feel… I do not feel right without them. But I and not sure, I suppose that I will post images of myself with my normal hairstyle and the new hair style and see.

I admit that I had to sneak out of the house – it is not usual for me to go out on a Saturday without finishing my lesson reviews. But I shall make them up to night. Tomorrow, I have horse riding practice with Alexandria at Hakura Stables and the Club. And I will have to face Mrs Samir – one of the few Southern models to make it big here in Central. Off course, it does not help that all the males flock to her and her daughter, Abigail to weight on then hand and foot. I swear, that woman lives up to her name of Lust. But I suppose that I should not talk bad of Abigail she is two years older than myself at 19 years of age.

But enough of that. Back my day with Sean.

We met where we had arranged to, at Zelms' Jewellery in the mall. I found a nice necklace that will go well with the dress that I plan to wear to the spring dance after Easter. And it is within reasonable price range. Only $3400. Not to much, I am sure that Father will give me the money for it. Of course, being a daughter of the state, I’ll get it marked down. So it wont cost that much. One of the perks of being a Daughter of the state. Not that I desire to rub it in of course.

But nonetheless, Sean and I met there. From there, we went to lunch at Colby’s, a nice, out of the way restaurant that sometimes I go to if I do not wish to be treated on hand and foot. That,… and I did not wish to make Sean feel uncomfortable.

At lunch we chatted a bit, I believe that Sean is still nervous, but again, I attribute that to my status. I had a salad for lunch and after a while, I had to use my fingers to eat it. I believe that I did an alright job of blending in, I am not sure. Though I did try my best to put Sean at ease.

After lunch, we went to the park and watched the play, Romeo and Juliet. It was nice, and I did not mind that there was no blanket to sit on, only grass, though Sean was embarrassed about it. He is so cute like that. Cute and sweet. So different that what I had expected of a Brigadier Generals Son. But then again…. I do not know what I expected. I suppose that I expected a superficial male, really only interested in my status, due to my Father being the Fuhrer.

But…. It didn’t turn out that way.. so.. I suppose that it is for the better.

I suppose that I should log off, find my tape-deck, and get on with my lesson reviews and homework that was assigned. And then after that, I shall draw some more. My art tutor says that I have the talent to go far. I do believe that she is correct.

Well, that is all from myself.

~~~~~~Calista Alathea Archer.
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The day that I was planing on going to supanova? WTF real life

Fuck, looks like I’ll be going on Sunday then,. Fuck it! And public transport on a Sundays is like WTH. And getting into the city… @_____@

Dammit! Means ill have to be up by 8 or so to get a bus into Gregory Terrace for th the Exhibition Hall at the RNA Showgrounds. >_<!

and of course, knowing me, im going to get lost trying to find the exhibition hall. &


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