Mar. 27th, 2007

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well.... 4 hours of work trialling when rather quick in my mine.

after helping face up the stock in the cereal isle, i moved onto the lollies... and OMG! im so sick of Fredos and milky ways and mars bars! ugggg!!!!

there was like two full trolleys just from capping, and they needed to be put into tubs. gah... that was like two hours work alone. so many Fredos... @_____@

aside from that, i met Cathy, Narrel, Sandra and Carol. there all really nice, and Woolies is a friendly place.

i also got asked lots of times where such and such a item was. most of the time, i said ' im sorry, but im new here, so i dont know'. ALWAYS be polite to the customer, even if your sick of thing like marsbars and lollies in general.. ^___^;;;;;;;; after all... you want them to come back to the store and buy stuff and spend ther money. SHOP AT STAFFORD WOOLWORTHS!

and my feet hurt now. and i have lollies on my brains. its the funsized packs. @_________@

but i like it, its fun, and im looking forward to tomorrows 4 hour shift. ^____^ then i have a break and then go back next Tuesday and wensday, and then ill officially start work and get PAID! yay!

and now i want to RP. time to go bug my RP buddies for a few hours of RPing.


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